How to Draw a Big Flower

By | November 15, 2016

How to Draw a Big Flower

How to Draw a Big Flower Step by Step

On this lesson, you’ll learn how to draw a big flower in pencil. There are many different flowers in the world. There are small and big flowers, beautiful flowers and not so beautiful. We’ll draw a simple flower. Even a kid can do it. Do not worry about the result, you’ll do it, for sure. If you want to draw a more difficult flower, look through the previous lesson. Take a sheet of paper and get to drawing.

The first step. Draw a circle in the center of the sheet.

How to Draw a Big Flower 1

The second step. Draw one more circle inside this circle.

How to Draw a Big Flower 2

The third step. This step is a bit more difficult. we draw the petals of the flower along all the circle. The size of the petals is equal to the size of the big circle. The petals should touch and cross each other a bit. That’s why in order to do it we suggest you learning the following trick. First, draw one row of the petals that do not cross each other. Then, draw the second row so that they are on the top of the petals from the first row.

How to Draw a Big Flower 3

The fourth step. Everything is simple on the step. We draw the stem of the flower. Simply draw a vertical line from your flower down.

How to Draw a Big Flower 4

The fifth step. Draw half-circles around the circle that’s inside. In the very center of the circle, we draw a small circle with uneven outline.

How to Draw a Big Flower 5

The sixth step. Draw over the petals so that you get two levels – the upper and the bottom one.

How to Draw a Big Flower 6

The seventh step. On this step, we draw over the big circle. We also make the stem of the flower thicker.

How to Draw a Big Flower 7

The eighth step. Add details to your picture. Then, erase all the unnecessary lines. Your picture is finished.

How to Draw a Big Flower 8

Let’s add color to the picture. Color the petals in yellow color, the stem in green color and the inner area of the flower in brown and pink colors. Of course, you may choose any colors you want. We only give you an example. We have drawn a big, beautiful flower in pencil. We even have colored it.

How to Draw a Big Flower 9

One More Way to Draw a Big Flower

How to Draw a Big Flower 10

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