How to Draw a Bird

By | November 15, 2016

How to Draw a Bird

Everyone, starting from kids and ending with professional artists, likes to draw birds and animals. It is related to the fact that depicting of birds on paper is not a too difficult task due to their small size and uniformity of the body structure.

To get a nice and anatomically correct picture, you should adhere to a specific algorithm of work, i.e. the step-by-step method.

How to Draw a Bird, a Step by Step Master Class

1. To draw a bird quickly and simply, first mark up a sheet of paper- split the drawing area into 4 squares and 2 “halves”. Depict three circles, using auxiliary lines.

How to Draw a Bird 1

2. Draw the beak on the left from the top circle, as well as draw the line of the body and feet of your bullfinch. You can gently rub off the auxiliary lines.

How to Draw a Bird 2

3. Further, outline the general contour of the bird with a thin pencil line.

How to Draw a Bird 3

4. Finish the drawing of the eyes, legs and beak in details, outline the tail with a thin line.

How to Draw a Bird 4

5. Add small details of feathers and feet as shown on the scheme.

How to Draw a Bird 5

6. Hatch the remainder of feathers.

How to Draw a Bird 6

7. Now color the picture and get the image of an incredibly bright and beautiful bird.

How to Draw a Bird 7

How to Draw a Bird in Stages

How to Draw a Bird 8

1. Draw three circles: 2 big ones and a small one. Big circles will form the head and body of the bird and the small one- the tail.

How to Draw a Bird 9

2. Draw two curved lines along the circumference of the head, as shown in the drawing.

How to Draw a Bird 10

3. The point of intersection of the horizontal and vertical is the place for the beak. Connect the body and tail with the help of smooth lines, draw a triangle for the further formation of the tail.

4. Draw several different sized arches above the horizontal guide line as you see in the picture. Add several semicircles to the head for cheeks and beak of the bird, draw the outlines of the wings.

How to Draw a Bird 11

5. Now draw little legs of the bird, draw the outlines of branches.

How to Draw a Bird 12

6. Then finish the fine line detail of the beak, decorate the wings and tail with feathers. Carefully rub off unnecessary connecting lines.

How to Draw a Bird 13

7. Then, you can add a topknot at the top of the head. Create blackout in pencil on the eyes, beak and eyebrows.

How to Draw a Bird 14

8. Finish the drawing, adding a bit of color to the main part of the bird. Note that the breast, eyes and beak should not be painted over.

How to Draw a Bird 15

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