How to Draw a Crocodile

By | November 15, 2016

How to Draw a Crocodile

How to Draw a Crocodile in Stages

At this lesson, you can learn to draw a crocodile-the most ancient and the most dangerous animal on the planet. To draw a crocodile as much closer to reality as possible, it is better to draw in phases, first with a simple pencil and after color it with colored pencils.

1. Start your drawing with simple lines.

How to Draw a Crocodile 1

Start the drawing of a crocodile with a simple sketch of its body, which should include a slightly inclined line and four circles. Note that two big circles should be in the middle and small ones- along the edges. All the circles should be divided into halves.

2. Make the outline of the head and body of the crocodile.

How to Draw a Crocodile 2

Perhaps, this phase will be the most difficult one. Draw the outline of the body and head shapes, or more precisely, of the jaws of the crocodile, as well as trace two small additional circles for legs.

3. The picture of the crocodile becomes alive.

How to Draw a Crocodile 3

Now, when you remove the excess contour lines of the head and body, as well as draw the eye, you’ll see how easy you can draw a crocodile. The crocodile is without the tail and paws; however, it seems to be alive.
At this stage of the drawing, you should also draw the general outline of its paws (there are three of them) and add two more circles for the tail.

4. Head, tail and paws of the crocodile in detail.

How to Draw a Crocodile 4

Check whether all the proportions of the crocodile picture are accurate, and if it is required, correct any inaccurate details of your picture. Now you need to draw the entire crocodile`s tail. It’s pretty easy to do, because you have the guideline in the form of circles. Draw the tail, looking at the example.
You should also draw claws on paws and continue the line of the jaws. If you are going to draw a crocodile with its open jaws, don’t forget to draw the fangs, which do not at all look like teeth.

5. The final stage of your drawing.

How to Draw a Crocodile 5

At this stage, you only need to remove all the preliminary outlines (circles) and draw the eyes and paws in detail, as well as trace the line to mark off the back and belly of the crocodile. The crocodile`s skin is covered with horn- pointed outgrowths, therefore, do not forget to draw them. And its belly looks more like a snake’s skin.

6. The drawing of a crocodile in a graphite pencil.

How to Draw a Crocodile 6

It is not necessary to shade the drawing of a crocodile with a graphite pencil. The picture of the crocodile will look much more spectacular “in color”. Just keep in mind, that only crocodiles from cartoons have a green skin. In nature, they are generally less cute.

How to Color Properly a Pictured Crocodile


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