How to Draw a Deer

By | November 15, 2016

How to Draw a Deer

How to Draw a Deer in Pencil

The first step. Draw a couple of circles in the middle of your sheet of paper. A little bit above them, draw the head. The head is also a circle, only a smaller one. The antlers grow from the head. Draw them.

How to Draw a Deer 1

The second step. Connect the two circles with lines so that to get the body. Draw the neck of the animal. Draw small, a bit sticking out ears on the head. Draw thin legs.

How to Draw a Deer 2

The third step. Outline the round muzzle and the nose on it. Draw the eyes of our deer. Now, draw a small tail. The antlers on the head should be twisting. Besides, there should be hooves.

How to Draw a Deer 3

The fourth step. Erase the unnecessary lines and draw over the silhouette.

How to Draw a Deer 4

The fifth step. Now, we hatch. The anthers should be hatches darker. The deer itself is to be hatched lighter. The hatching lines should be in the direction of the fur’s growth.

How to Draw a Deer 5

How to Draw a Deer Step by Step

How to Draw a Deer 6

A deer is built very much like a horse. However, it’s different in a way. A deer has a shorter and more elegant body, short tail and twisting antlers. You may not draw antlers since not all deer have them. It’s not easy to draw a deer, especially, if you draw a running deer. It’s difficult to draw since you need to show that the animal is gracious and, at the same time, you need to show the dynamics of its movements. This lesson will help you to draw a deer in pencil step-by-step.

1. Draw the basic outline of the body.

How to Draw a Deer 7

Let’s divide our picture in several parts. In order to do it, you need to draw 2 similar circles for the body and one small circle for the head. The next thing to do is to draw the hooves. The front ones are almost connected with each other while the back ones are on a distance from each other. Mark the place of the knee joints by dividing the distance from the body to the hooves in halves. It’s not difficult to draw the front hooves. The back ones are more difficult to draw. First, you need to draw the left leg, it’s almost straight. Then, you need to draw the right leg in the form of a “lightning”. This “lightning” is shown on our picture.

2. The approximate shape of the deer’s legs.

How to Draw a Deer 8

If you manage to draw the back legs exactly the way they usually are, it will be easier to draw the rest details of the picture. However, in order for it to be easier, you need to draw step-by-step. On this step, you need to finish drawing the shape of the legs.

3. General outline of the body, head and legs.

How to Draw a Deer 9

On this step, you need to draw over the outlines of the head and body. Then, you need to erase unnecessary lines of the outline. The angled-like lines of the legs are to be made smooth. Draw the hooves.

4. How to draw the head of the deer.

How to Draw a Deer 10

Now, let’s learn to draw antlers of a deer. In order to draw them, first, you need to draw 2 twisted branches of the antlers. Then, draw the branches of the antlers that are directed to the inside area, in between two main branches of the antlers. Try to draw the antlers symmetrically, so that both the main branches are of the same size. Then, draw two ears and start adding details to the muzzle. First, draw symmetrical ovals for the eyes. A bit lower, there should be the nose in the form of a circle. Draw a small mouth.

5. Add details and make them more precise.

How to Draw a Deer 11

Now you can start adding details. First, draw a small tail. Make the shape of the ears more precise. Add details to the eyes, nose and mouth of the deer. After it, get to drawing the details of the antlers.

6. How to draw a deer. The final step.

How to Draw a Deer 12

On this step, we’ll add shadows and get to the color of a northern spotted deer. You may simply copy the color of it from our picture. However, you may also add spots on its skin if you wish. Adding color using a simple pencil will make the picture more beautiful and volumetric. At the same time, colorful pencils will be better, they will make the picture more realistic. In order to make the picture more beautiful, draw a winter landscape of the North.

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