How to Draw a Dog

By | November 15, 2016

How to Draw a Dog

How to Draw an English Bulldog with a Pencil

At this lesson, you will learn how to draw an English Bulldog in pencil step by step. The English Bulldog is a dog breed, which is distinguished by a massive body and flat snout with many folds, but the stature of English Bulldogs is usually small, about 50 cm. Start to draw the head. To do this, draw a circle and auxiliary lines that go across the middle. Next, draw a big nose from the intersections of lines down and the snout.

How to Draw a Dog 1

Draw the eyes, head and ears, then many folds.

How to Draw a Dog 2

Mark the body of the Bulldog with a circle, which is much bigger than the head, and sketch out the front legs.

How to Draw a Dog 3

Detalize the body.

How to Draw a Dog 4

Draw the toes on the front legs and hind legs also.

How to Draw a Dog 5

Finish the dark areas around the eyes and snout, cover with the lighter tone (in the original, the hair in these areas is red) as it is shown in the picture. Cover the nose using the squiggle technique.

How to Draw a Dog 6

Add more shadows to make it more realistic and the picture of a Bulldog is ready.

How to Draw a Dog 7

How to Draw a Spaniel with Colored Pencils

This lesson provides a step-by-step demonstration of how to draw a Spaniel dog in a staged manner with colored pencils.

How to Draw a Dog 8

As usual, first make a sketch and start with the eyes. Take the light and dark brown, pink, black and white colors; choose dark-orange, light brown, dark brown and black for the hair around the eyes (the hair color in general will not change).

How to Draw a Dog 9

The blown-up fragment.

How to Draw a Dog 10

Now start to draw the nose. There is one little secret here: hatch the nose using circular strokes (if you can call them strokes); you get it very structured; use dark and light brown, black colors. Pick in immediately the hair around the nose, but do not forget to do small strokes, as the hair on the nose is quite short!

How to Draw a Dog 11

As for the background: mark it at once with pastel in dark, light green, brown colors. Continue to work with the nose, pick in the hair around it and gradually move to the eyes.

How to Draw a Dog 12

Don’t color the white hair, just slightly mix it with orange and brown colors. Addition: how to draw hair. Always draw in sections. If you try to draw everything at once, using the lightest color first, nothing doing! So, do the sketch as accurately as possible; first, mark the hair growth with the help of the thin lines, so as not to get confused, as well as immediately mark areas with hair of different colors. Now: the quantity of layers is always different: sometimes in some places, for example, where there should be a lighter color, just one layer remains, and where the color should be intensified, there are three or four layers; but in order to place them well, the strokes should be made at a distance from each other (about 1 mm), then the next color (not too tightly) is applied much better. Thus, gradually apply colors until you get the desired tint.

How to Draw a Dog 13

Star to draw the chaps. Take black, dark brown, maroon, purple colors; and select pink, lilac, dark brown, black for the tongue.

How to Draw a Dog 14

Now come entirely to the hair. As usual, first start to draw with the lightest (orange) color, then use a darker one and at the end, apply dark brown and black colors.

How to Draw a Dog 15

Now draw the ears, the hair on them is long, so, make long strokes, marking each curl in advance.

How to Draw a Dog 16

Draw the ears on both sides.

How to Draw a Dog 17

Draw the breast using the same colors.

How to Draw a Dog 18

Do not forget about the grass: draw it first, and then finish with the hair.

How to Draw a Dog 19

Well, in principle, the drawing is ready, you just need to pick in the background, and it is finished.

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