How to Draw a Eagle

By | November 15, 2016

How to Draw a Eagle

It is not difficult to draw an eagle. The important thing is to draw its wings correctly. It is also important to properly draw the beak and eyes, such a predatory stare of which resides in every eagle. The eagle would look very well against the backdrop of mountain scenery, so depicting a flying eagle, draw mountains as well. At this lesson, you will learn how to draw an eagle with a pencil in a phased manner.

How to Draw a Flying Eagle in Stages

1. Draw the basic outlines of the eagle.

How to Draw a Eagle 1

Draw an arc with deepening in the center, it will serve as a basis for the outline of the wings. Draw an oval slightly bent to the right from the center of this arc. This oval will outline the body of the eagle. The oval should end about the half of the right arc of the wing. Observe this proportion, it is very important.

2. Draw the general outline of the wings and head.

How to Draw a Eagle 2

Now draw the rough shape of the tail, wings and head. First draw a circle in the middle of the arc for the wings. Next, draw the arc from the middle of the oval on the left towards the end of the top line, but leave a small space between them. Do the same thing with the right wing, only draw the lower arc longer than the top arc. Draw two curved lines on the right side of the oval for the future tail of the eagle.

3. Draw the shape of the eagle`s body.

How to Draw a Eagle 3

To accurately draw the shape of the eagle, you have to do the following: in the upper left wing line draw another line, but it should be a little longer. Do the same with the right wing. In addition, draw a little tubercle in the middle of the new line. On the left side of the head circumference, draw the beak of the eagle. Separate the neck from the body with the help of a line. Draw the bottom outline of the tail.

4. Detalize all the contours of the bird.

How to Draw a Eagle 4

At this stage, you should detalize the contours of the head and wings of the eagle. Now, rub off superfluous contour lines in the picture. At the bottom of the body, mark the location of the eagle`s paws; and using the original marking of the wings, draw several long feathers on both sides. Draw the outline of the beak and draw a crook near it, which will be the initial outline of the eagle eye.

5. Finish the drawing of the wings.

How to Draw a Eagle 5

Now you need to emphasize wing and tail feathers in zigzag. Next, divide each wing plane into several parts. The bottom part of the wing will be the largest one. Draw tail feathers of the eagle in the same way. Draw a small circle inside the eye contour and draw a short straight line from it to the right.

6. Shade the drawing using a soft pencil.

How to Draw a Eagle 6

In the last stage, shade the image of the eagle with graphite pencils of different softness. Make its wings almost black, only occasionally making small spaces in them. Such spaces will emphasize feathers that gleam in the sunlight. Draw small feathers on the eagle`s head. The figure of the eagle will look beautiful, if mountains or sky are drawn in the background, but already with colored pencils.

How to Draw an Eagle`s Head with a Pencil in Stages

How to Draw a Eagle 7

Draw the outline of the head, the beak of the eagle. Try to convey the exact proportions of the head and beak, do not apply pressure on the pencil, just apply a line on top of each other to add shape, this is perfectly normal.

How to Draw a Eagle 8

Now draw the eye, draw hardly visible lines indicating the location of the eye area. Define an area under the eye.

How to Draw a Eagle 9

Now draw the eye and eyebrow, shadow under the eyebrow. The eagle stare is hard and strict, you must accurately convey it. Take your time, and you can work out on a separate sheet in depicting of such a stare.

How to Draw a Eagle 10

Draw the eye, pupil and catch-light, pay attention to the location of the catch-light and the pupil form, as well as to the shadow under the eyebrow. Point more clearly the contour of the head and beak.

How to Draw a Eagle 11

Draw the outline of the top of the wing. The eagle’s head is white, so apply a minimal shade in the area under the eye and beak. Then shade the beak (hatching should be barely visible, but it should be) and the mouth area. The body color of the bird is dark brown, therefore, use a soft pencil 2B or 4B. Depicting of a bird requires knowledge of wings` and feathers` structure. Draw the main lines of feathers` arrangement on the body.

How to Draw a Eagle 12

Feathers have a lighter shade at their tips. You can draw them by usual hatching.

How to Draw a Eagle 13

Add the remaining feathers. Make the finishing touches, apply shadows here and there, or remove redundant ones.

How to Draw a Eagle 14

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