How to Draw a Faces

By | November 15, 2016

How to Draw a Faces

A Step by Step Instruction on have to Draw the Face of a Person

Before you start draw, you need to necessarily read the following recommendations of professional painters:

  • First, you need to decide where all the elements will be located.
  • In order to make a sketch, take a sharpened pencil. It should be of medium hardness. This way you’ll be able to draw thin lines.
  • Do not erase the lines of the sketch until you see the well-defined outline of your picture.
  • Observe proportions.
  • Take into account the fact that the shape of a face is pointed from below and it’s more round from above.
  • More practice is needed! The more you practice to draw a face, the better you’ll be able to transmit the necessary emotions and peculiarities of a person’s mimics on to the picture.

Let’s get to the lesson.

1. The face of the girl has an oval shape. First, we draw an oval and divide it with the help of lines. The vertical line should divide the oval exactly in the middle. The first horizontal line divides the face a bit lower than its half. The second horizontal line divides in halves the rest lower part of the face. We can’t give you the exact numbers here because every person has a different face.

How to Draw a Faces 1

2. Draw approximate strokes on the place where the nose will be. You also need to add the lines of the mouth somewhere between the nose and chin. The line that is for the lower lip should be wider.

How to Draw a Faces 2

3. We get to drawing the eyes. They are located a bit above the nose. The outer edges of the nose show you where the inner corners of the eyes should be. Make a sketch the way it’s shown on the picture. Here, you need to consider one more important thing.

The anatomy of a person implies that the distance between the eyes is equal to the size of one more eye. We showed that on the picture with the help of the red arrow.

Now, let’s add eyebrows.

Our recommendation: No matter if one of the eyebrows is located higher or eyebrows are located on the same level, you need to start drawing from the inner side (the point that’s closer to the nose). In order to understand how high should the eyebrows be located, you need to imagine as if there is one more eye above the left eye. This way you’ll see the right location of the eyebrows.

How to Draw a Faces 3

4. let’s add the mouth. Many people who only begin to draw have a lot of questions about the size of the mouth. In your mind, draw two more lines from the inner corners of the eyes down. This will be the approximate size of the mouth. If a person is smiling, it may be a bit wider.э

How to Draw a Faces 4

5. Now we erase the lines we drew on the first steps. Actually, your sketch is ready. Now you need to color it and add shadows.

How to Draw a Faces 5

6. Add more details to the shape of the face. Draw cheekbones and the shape of the chin. In our case, there is a strong chin. However, try to do it not that strong otherwise the girl will turn into a man. Hatch the pupils and add eyelids.

How to Draw a Faces 6

7. Add shadows with a simple pencil so that to make your picture more realistic and voluminous.

How to Draw a Faces 7

One More Way to Draw a Face

1. We draw a circle and an egg-like oval.

How to Draw a Faces 8

2. We draw a vertical and a horizontal line in the middle of the oval. We draw eyes on the horizontal lines. The distance between the eyes is one more eye.

How to Draw a Faces 9

3. We draw the line of the chin, nose and eyebrows. We draw 2 vertical lines that define how wide the nose is.

How to Draw a Faces 10

4. We divide the distance between nose and chin in four equal parts. We draw the mouth between the 2nd and the 3rd lines.

How to Draw a Faces 11

5. We draw the shape of the face.

How to Draw a Faces 12

Now you know how to easily draw the face of a person. It only includes simple shapes and distances.

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