How to Draw a Gun

By | November 15, 2016

How to Draw a Gun

How to Draw a Gun with a Pencil Step by Step

Step one. To begin with, let’s arrange the constructive parts by sketching geometric shapes.

How to Draw a Gun 1

Step two. Let’s sketch a gun.

How to Draw a Gun 2

Step three. Move on to drawing the bullets.

How to Draw a Gun 3

Step four. Add the clip.

How to Draw a Gun 4

Step five. Erase the constructive lines and add some hatching.

How to Draw a Gun 5

How to Draw a Glock 17 Gun with a Pencil Step by Step

How to Draw a Gun 6

Step 1. In this step, we sketch the main features of the gun. Draw a line slightly slanted towards the back part. Then draw the pistol grip. Start it from the rear part, draw a line down, round it out at the grip bottom and turn the lineup. Now let’s define a place for the trigger Proportions are essential here with respect to the barrel and grip, so they look proportionate. But let’s not bother with rulers and measurements. By-eye lines are OK, but remember what I’ve told you before.

How to Draw a Gun 7

Step 2. In this step we will start to draw our Glock 17 in more detail. Any place is good to start from. As for me, I prefer the center, the trigger to be more precise, and then move on to the grip. Here we deal with a number of small details, you can click on the image to enlarge it. Once finished, move on to the third step.

How to Draw a Gun 8

Step 3. It’s a small one. Here we will be sketching out the vertical lines on the back of the gun. These lines are for gunner’s convenience at gun reloading. Then add the ejection port for used shell casings.

How to Draw a Gun 9

Step 4. This stage is also pretty short. You only need to draw lines, as shown in the figure, and complete the trigger zone.

How to Draw a Gun 10

Step 5. All you need to do now is add some details. Inserts and ergonomic shapes of the pistol grip (as you understand, they are very important to avoid gun slippage), front sight, and a few more details, as shown in the figure.

How to Draw a Gun 11

Step 6. This is the final step. Once finished drawing, you may erase all additional lines from step 1. You also need to hatch some parts of the gun (see the figure) to complete your drawing.

How to Draw a Gun 12

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