How to Draw a Lion

By | November 15, 2016

How to Draw a Lion

It is quite difficult to draw the king of beasts, especially if you want to portray it in a realistic way. While depicting this mammal, start from the fact that it is very similar to a cat. And realistic details of the snout can be taken from photos, which are numerous in the Internet. There is a step-by-step explanation below.

How to Draw a Lion Stepwise

Stage 1. You should make a sketch. Draw 2 circles to comply with the proportions. The little one is the hind quarters of the body, the second one is the chest. Draw an oval a little above the big circle. It will subsequently become the head. Now carefully connect the oval and circles, creating the shape of the body. Make sketches of the fore and hind limbs and tail. Split the head into 4 parts and draw the ear, as shown in the example.

How to Draw a Lion 1

Stage 2. Pay special attention to the image of the snout. Draw the eye, nose, split the oval of the mouth into 2 parts. Draw the mustache, as of a domestic cat. Draw the outline of the head and create the visibility of the short hair with the help of light strokes.

How to Draw a Lion 2

Stage 3. Draw the shaggy mane and ears. Do not push hard on the pencil, as it is still an outline.

How to Draw a Lion 3

Stage 4. Depict the rear and front paws. Try to transmit their shape as accurately as possible. Look at the pictures below.

How to Draw a Lion 4

How to Draw a Lion 5

Stage 5. Outline the predator`s silhouette with a bold pencil. Don’t forget about the tail with tassel! Rub off all unnecessary lines.

How to Draw a Lion 6

Stage 6. Shade your predator, applying light-and-shade. For a more realistic look, draw shadow falling on a horizontal surface. Here’s how realistic you get it!

How to Draw a Lion 7

How to Draw a Lion with an Ordinary Pencil in Stages

Step 1. At this lesson, you will learn how to draw a line stepwise. Start by drawing rough director lines. To do this, trace the oval for the head and two circles for the body of the animal.

How to Draw a Lion 9

Step 2. Next pick in the neck, body, legs and tail.

How to Draw a Lion 10

Step 3. The next step is the drawing of the snout. Trace the eyes, nose, mouth, ears and whiskers. Then start to draw the mane.

How to Draw a Lion 11

Step 4. Now draw the paws and proceed to the next step.

How to Draw a Lion 12

Step 5. Draw the back, abdomen and tail of the lion.

How to Draw a Lion 13

Step 6. At the last step of drawing add volume using shadows.

How to Draw a Lion 14

Step 7. Wonderful! The picture is ready.

How to Draw a Lion 8

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