How to Draw a Male Body

By | November 15, 2016

How to Draw a Male Body

A Step by Step Instruction on how to Draw a Male Body

Step 1. There is nothing unusual here. You make a sketch of a male body fast. It will be the basis of our picture. Pay attention to the fact that the body is 7 heads high.

The shoulders are on the distance of one head and a half from the upper part. Just like the hips, they are, as a rule 2 heads wide. The starting point of the hips is 3 heads down. Knees – 5 heads down. Do not draw over anything on this stage. Keep an eye on the proportions.

How to Draw a Male Body 1

Step 2. You may draw a straight auxiliary line from the head to the legs. The weight of the body is distributed equally on both sides – it’s balanced.


The navel is located on the distance of two heads from the upper part. This is also the place where the elbows are located, if the arms lie freely along the body. The arm gets to the middle of the hip.


In anime cartoons, legs are, usually, the longest part of the body. The knees are half the way from the feet and up to the starting point of the legs.

How to Draw a Male Body 2

Step 3. Add muscles to the sketch. You need to be good at drawing cylinders and ovals to do it. Learn the groups of muscles so that to know how to draw arms and legs. The focus of attention in case of a male body is on the shoulders, not on the hips.

Let’s clear our sketch up. Take a kneahed eraser (you can find more information about it in our lesson on different types of erasers) and erase all the unnecessary lines. The better you do it, the easier will further work be.

How to Draw a Male Body 3

Step 4. We gradually add details to our sketch. The eraser is very useful here. It helps us to turn a dirty sketch into a clear picture. Use it and correct all the mistakes you made. This way your picture is ready for being drawn over.

There is nothing worse than ink over a dirty sketch. The lesson’s aim is to show you the structure of the body. It will be interesting for those who already can draw people. Try to draw people in different postures using the knowledge from the lesson.

How to Draw a Male Body 4

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