How to Draw a Manga Girl

By | November 15, 2016

How to Draw a Manga Girl

How to Draw Manga Girl in Pencil

1. To begin with, draw the contours of the head, neck and shoulders of anime girl. To this end, we draw the chin and cheekbones, then the lines of the neck and shoulders, and after that start to draw her beautiful hair, so as you can see in our example.

How to Draw a Manga Girl 1

2. In this step we more clearly draw the lines of the girl’s head and pay more attention to drawing strands of girl’s hair, and especially their part of the forehead line.

How to Draw a Manga Girl 2

3. Draw the lines of girl’s collar, making in the process of drawing the shadows in the chin area, so as you can see in our sketch. Then we draw the lips and the tip of the nose.

How to Draw a Manga Girl 3

4. In this step, all we have to do is to mark out by two horizontal lines the drawing area of the eyes.

How to Draw a Manga Girl 4

5. Begin to draw the eyes. To do this, in the area of lines that we have drawn in the previous step, draw big oval eyes.

How to Draw a Manga Girl 5

6. In this step, we pay special attention to the drawing of the eyeball and pupil of the anime girl. In this step we draw her eyebrows and a fold in the area of the upper eyelid.

How to Draw a Manga Girl 6

7. Hatch with a more darker tone the area of the pupil and the whole eye, so as you can see in our example, that would give our anime girl a more realistic and cute appearance.

How to Draw a Manga Girl 7

That’s it! Now we can add a few lines in the area of her cheeks that will give the girl a cute appearance. And that’s all from me! I wish you success in your work and look forward to your pictures! See you soon!

How to Draw a Manga Girl 8

How to Draw a Manga Girl in Paints

How to Draw a Manga Girl 9

1. Manga drawing. The first step.

How to Draw a Manga Girl 10

It will be a little difficult to draw the first step, because the first difficult contours must be drawn properly. Start drawing the lower circle, after draw an oval for the shoulders of the girl. Connect by the two lines these contours and then draw a circle for the head. Because drawings of the face in the anime style have their differences, draw a “tick” in the bottom of a circle for an acute girl’s chin, drawn in manga style.

2. Step by step, adding details to a manga drawing.

How to Draw a Manga Girl 11

This step of the drawing may not be commented because it is quite easy to draw contours in the form of circles for the hands, the contours of the eyes, nose, mouth and ear on the face of the girl. Note that the outlines of the picture, made by blue bright lines, we will remove from the picture, and the gray-blue lines will remain unchanged.

3. Draw the girl’s hands.

How to Draw a Manga Girl 12

Here you can see how easily, using preliminary outlines, you can draw the shape of the girl’s hands, you just trace the former contours with a few strokes of a pencil. On the head of the girl in the manga style you can already draw the ears, and at the bottom of the picture outline the feet.

4. How to draw hair of a manga girl.

How to Draw a Manga Girl 13

I can’t comment on your every touch, look carefully at manga picture and decide what else is needed to draw in this step. I just want to note that you can draw the hair “boldly”. The thicker and longer they are, the more beautiful will be the girl in anime style.

5. Add small details.

How to Draw a Manga Girl 15

In this step, you must first draw the details in the face of the girl. Then finish drawing the hair and you can proceed to delete now the redundant contours from a picture.

6. The final stage.

How to Draw a Manga Girl 16

After removing the redundant contours you should draw the costume of the girl, add other small details to the picture, maybe even complement my picture. In short, I’ve helped you draw a general contour of a manga girl, the rest depends on your imagination, including the last step of the drawing – coloring. By the way, if you are unable to draw manga nicely, print out a picture from paragraph 8. This drawing is specially prepared for those who still cannot draw beautifully.

7. Drawing of manga on the tablet.

How to Draw a Manga Girl 17

The drawing of manga on the tablet has come out nicely, hasn’t it? But don’t get a burning desire to buy a graphic tablet and draw like this. To color this picture of manga I needed a day of hard work. I would have painted it in 15 minutes.

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