How to Draw a Mug

By | November 15, 2016

How to Draw a Mug

The mug is not just an item, from which we often drink tea or coffee, but it is also a reflection of the inner world of a person, one`s inner world. Mags can be of different sizes, shapes, volumes and colors, which is comparable to us, human beings. This subject must be treated gently with respect. You should carefully deal with the selection and use of this picture of one`s soul. Here you can learn how you can draw a mug with a pencil.

How to Draw a Mug with a Pencil in Stages

Step 1. First mark the outlines of the mug and its handle, which looks like an ear.

How to Draw a Mug 1
Step 2. Then depict the upper part. This figure will be called ellipse.

How to Draw a Mug 2

Step 3. Border the edges of the mug, underline the bottom. You should do this with clear, firm lines. There is one more moment: outline the bottom with a bandelet, as in the example.

How to Draw a Mug 3

Step 4. It is time to draw the handle. Using the mark from the first step, depict this part. At this stage, it becomes even more similar to the human ear. By the way, the Cup of football tournament “League of Champions” has the same pair of grips, for which it is popularly called “eared”.

How to Draw a Mug 4

Step 5. Apply shadows to the mug. Perhaps, this will be the most difficult step in this rather simple lesson on how to draw a mug. First, determine where the source of light is, and then, apply shadows: there is a longitudinal stretch of shadows to the right of you, where shadows` structure itself can be traced very well.

How to Draw a Mug 5

How to Draw a Mug Step by Step Masterclass

How to Draw a Mug 6

Step one. Draw a square shape for the mug and its handle.

How to Draw a Mug 7

Step two. Ornament the picture on the mug with horizontal lines, as well as add more volume to the handle.

How to Draw a Mug 8

Step three. Let’s start with the hatchwork at the top as well as run a more vivid contour.

How to Draw a Mug 9

Step four. The next stage is the most difficult and critical one. You should add shadows.

How to Draw a Mug 10

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