How to Draw a Paisley

By | November 15, 2016

How to Draw a Paisley

How to Draw Paisley Pattern (Indian Cucumber)

Let’s start drawing “Indian cucumber”. First, draw a drop. You can draw a drop the way you want. It may be narrow or wide. It may have a straight or twisted “”tail”.

How to Draw a Paisley 1

Then, add details. You may add any details you want. These may be small drops, dots, circles or leaves. You also may simply cope the silhouette of the first drop.

How to Draw a Paisley 2

As a rule, the picture of “Indian cucumber” is thick since it is an oriental pattern. It has many details. However, in modern interiors, more laconic variants of the pattern are used. You may add as many details as you want.

How to Draw a Paisley 3

The ornament may go beyond the borders of the drop. Be creative, turn on your imagination!

How to Draw a Paisley 4

That’s it. Now you only need to train drawing the pattern for as long as it is necessary. Below there are some pictures and schemes of “Indian cucumber”. They may be a source of inspiration for you.

How to Draw a Paisley 5

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