How to Draw a Rose Flower

By | November 15, 2016

How to Draw a Rose Flower

How to Draw a Rose Flower Step by Step

Rose is the most beautiful flower in the world. A bouquet of roses is a wonderful gift to a woman. A beautiful picture of a rose can make a woman happy as well. How to draw a rose or a bouquet of roses, if you have never painted flowers? How to create a beautiful shape of the flower with the help of a pencil? Rose petals have complicated contours. It is truly difficult to draw an opened rose. Nevertheless, if you follow the instructions step by step, adding the details to the original sketch, you will get the drawing like this one. Let’s do it together! If you want to draw a rose on the stem or make a bouquet of flowers, it is advisable to draw a vase as well.

1. Drawing the outline of the rose bud is easy.

How to Draw a Rose Flower 1

First, draw the outline of the rose bud. Draw a circle at the top of the sheet. It is not necessary to make precise and straight lines. Note that the rose flower will be located inside of this contour. Therefore, the outline should be in size of the bud. Remember that sketch lines will be removed. Now draw the stem of the bud. We continue drawing the rose.

2. How to draw rose petals.

How to Draw a Rose Flower 2

First, draw the unopened part of the flower bud in the center of the rose. Then, divide the bud into two sections by a line (in the picture the line is colored blue). Now, it is easy to draw the lines of the petals from the left and the right sides of the bud.

3. Draw the leaves and add the details to the rose bud.

How to Draw a Rose Flower 3

Now we need to draw rose petals in details. You do not have to draw the contours of the petals exactly like on this picture. The petals may be of different forms.

4. Continue drawing the petals.

How to Draw a Rose Flower 4

Start with drawing the flower stem and leaves. You may draw the desirable quantity of twigs and leaves. However, try to make the leaves not too big in size. Note that the leaves have veins. The veins will make the picture look more realistic. Now, you have to remove the unnecessary outlines and draw the petals in details. The beauty of the rose pattern lies in the correct illustration of the petals. The two lines, connected on the edge, create the upper contour of each petal. This makes an impression that the edges of the petals are bent. It will also help you to create the shadows in the bud that makes the pattern volumetric.

5. How to shade the rose with a pencil.

How to Draw a Rose Flower 5

At this stage, you have painted a real rose. Now you have to shade the pattern to make it volumetric. One side of the rose is illuminated and the other one should be shaded. Shade the deepening between the petals intensely, pressing on the pencil. Shade the junction of the petals as well. Rub slightly with your finger all shaded areas. This method will smooth the harsh lines of the pencil and make the drawing look more delicate.

6. The rose pattern on the graphic tablet.

How to Draw a Rose Flower 6

The drawing will look more effective if you color it with paints or colored pencils. Be sure to make shadows, if you paint the picture in colored pencil. Without shadows, the rose may look flat. Paint the picture with colored pencils. You can see how it looks on the drawing below. It would be perfect to paint the picture of the rose, only if you know how to use paints.

7. Drawing of a rose Bud.

How to Draw a Rose Flower 7

You can draw a rose differently. This method is good for drawing an opened rose, when you paint each rose petal in details. Note that the bright outlines will be removed. This step of the tutorial is supplementary and goes without comments. At every stage of the following tutorial, you will have to add the lines by a pencil (the lines are of blue color).

How to Draw a Simple Rose

How to Draw a Rose Flower 8

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