How to Draw a Snake

By | November 15, 2016

How to Draw a Snake

How to Draw a Snake Step by Step

It’s quite easy to draw a snake since it doesn’t have any paws or fur. There are no complex details. However, you need to keep an eye on the proportions of the body thickness and length, the size of the head and the tail. They should be precise. In order for the picture of a cobra to attract attention, your snake should look dangerous. Draw it with the head up and fangs sticking out of the open jaws.

1. Draw the outline of the snake that’s ready to jump.

How to Draw a Snake 1

We choose to draw the most well-known and the biggest snake. Cobra attacks a person by jumping on him/her. When the snake attacks, it lifts the upper part of its body. That’s why when we draw the snake step-by-step, we first draw the lower part of it in pencil. Then, we draw the head that’s up. On this step, you need to draw a rope that’s folded in “rings”. It will be the basic outline of the snake’s body.

2. A sketch of the shake’s head.

How to Draw a Snake 2

First, you need to draw the outline of the snake’s head. When the snake is getting ready to attack, its neck “bloats out” and the area becomes wider and “flattens”. The trick is accompanied by one more thing. On the back side of the area, there appear “evil” eyes that look at you menacingly. That’s why people call cobra “spectacled snake”. However, we won’t see the eyes on our picture. On this step, you need to go on drawing the body and finish drawing the tail.

3. Check the guiding lines.

How to Draw a Snake 3

The body should be equally thick everywhere. If it’s not so, correct it so that your snake doesn’t get too thick, like a python. It will be more difficult to do it on the next steps. Erase the crossed lines and draw the outline of the head. It’s easy to draw.

4. How to draw the head of the snake.

How to Draw a Snake 4

On this step, it will be easier to draw. You only need to draw the eye and point the belly part out with the help of two lines. The right edge of the flattened part of your snake needs to be pointed out with an additional line. It’s a kind of a rim.

5. The picture is almost finished.

How to Draw a Snake 5

On this step, you need to draw details. Start drawing from the details that seem to be the easiest. First, draw a split sting. Make hatches with a pencil on the belly part of the body. Pay attention to the fact that on the upper area of the body there is an additional guiding line. Add details to the head of the snake.

6. The final step of the picture.

How to Draw a Snake 6

Add details to some parts of the picture. You don’t need to add shadows if you’re going to color the picture with colorful pencils. Cobra, as well as any other snake, has a bright color that’s quite unusual. It’s impossible to show it with a simple pencil. As always, you’re free to draw the landscape surrounding your snake. It should look like a place where cobra is, as a rule, found in reality.

How to Draw a Rattlesnake Step by Step

The first step. First, we need to draw the head and a curved line for the body of the snake.

How to Draw a Snake 7


The second step. Then, define the shape of the body and the head. Draw the rattle.

How to Draw a Snake 8

The third step. Get to drawing details. For example, eyes, nose and tongue. Don’t forget about the tail that ends with a rattle.

How to Draw a Snake 9

The fourth step. That’s all. You may add something else if you wish. The picture of a rattlesnake is finished. Have fun when coloring it. Good luck.

How to Draw a Snake 10

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