How to Draw a Town

By | November 15, 2016

How to Draw a Town

The town is a place where you probably live. The town features many streets, buildings, trees and people. There are small towns and big megapolises with a population of several million people. City dwellers are getting used to the noise of the streets, car horns, hectic crowds. Perhaps you have already tried to draw the city’s streets and houses. Let’s learn how to properly draw a quiet town street in pencil step by step using perspective and proportions.

How to Draw a Town in Pencil Step by Step

Step 1. We’ll draw a small piece of the street stretching off into the distance. That means that in the foreground we’ll have big objects, while going far away they’ll get smaller in size. We’ll use perspective rules drawing our picture. Draw two parallel lines in the middle. On the right, draw two lines diverging in perspective. On the left, draw one line in the bottom of the sheet and two lines forming an angle at the top.

How to Draw a Town 1

Step 2. Let’s start drawing houses’ walls. Draw two straight parallel lines. One above, the other below. Trace a line from at the side of the higher line. It will make the wall of building located ahead of us. On the right raise the wall and draw a door.

How to Draw a Town 2

Step 3. Now outline the roofs. Draw a gabled roof for the left house, as we see it from the side. Do the same for the right house. The front house will have a different roof.

How to Draw a Town 3

Step 4. Now trace additional lines under the roof of the left house. At the bottom, draw the sidewalk line. Starting from it draw straight lines to create the entrance. On the right, draw wavy lines of the sidewalk going forward and turning corner.

How to Draw a Town 4

Step 5. Go on drawing the door of the left house. Decorate the street before the right house with a spreading tree.

How to Draw a Town 5

Step 6. The left house features a door with a hood. Locate a window under the hood. Draw tables and chairs near the sidewalk before these houses. On the table, draw a vase with flowers. The ground floor of the left house features a café. Add details to the right house’s door.

How to Draw a Town 6

Step 7. Locate a waste-basket by the table. Draw a hanging lamp above the entrance. Paint a street lamp little further. Then add chimneys to the right house’s roof.

How to Draw a Town 7

Step 8. Now draw windows in all the three houses. Note that they are different shape: rectangular, square, arched. Each house has many windows, especially the middle one.

How to Draw a Town 8

Step 9. Erase sketches and unnecessary lines. Your picture should look like this. Of course, you color it to make it brighter. You will get an urban landscape. Now looking out the window of your apartment, you can draw your city street, of course if you live in a city. Don’t forget that objects on the foreground are bigger than those on the background and that all lines should go in perspective.

How to Draw a Town 9

Another Option, how to Draw a Town in Pencil Step by Step

How to Draw a Town 10

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