How to Draw a Tree

By | November 15, 2016

How to Draw a Tree

How to Draw a Tree in Pencil

Mark our tree’s height, location of the trunk and branches.

How to Draw a Tree 1

Draw the trunk. Note that a tree’s trunk doesn’t look like a carrot. Going up it narrows gradually, mostly thanks to the branches. The more a tree ramifies, the thinner it gets. The same is true for branches as the more a branch ramifies, the thinner become twigs away from the trunk. It’s not worth drawing your tree too thick at the roots as the sheet may not be high enough for such a tree.

How to Draw a Tree 2

Refine the size and location of branches and draw thinner twigs.

How to Draw a Tree 3

Now outline the tree on the contour with a soft pencil. Change the pressure on the pencil to have lines of different thickness and thus add your tree expressivity. Now we need to draw leaves. It’s impossible to draw each leaf separately, we have to decide how they look in the mass. To do this, imagine that the light falls on the side. You’d better have a look at a tree or tree photos taken in sunny days.

How to Draw a Tree 4

Apply shadows in the field of the tree foliage.

How to Draw a Tree 5

Use a soft pencil to draw darker tree portions. Draw thin twigs in several places. For this purpose use an eraser and pencil (draw, then erase to get white twigs). In some places, draw leaves.

How to Draw a Tree 6

Use the same methods to finished up your tree, to outline light areas, use an eraser.

How to Draw a Tree 7

How to Draw a Tree Step by Step

How to Draw a Tree 8

Step 1. I’ll show you how to draw an oak. The first thing you have to do is to sketch the land and the trunk (usually oak has a thick knotty trunk, and the branches begin to grow low). Draw a few large branches and several thin twigs.

How to Draw a Tree 9

Step 2. Then draw your tree’s crown and foliage. It’s an important step as the crown makes an overall impression of the tree. In this picture, I spread it large in both sides, but you are free to locate it as you wish. As for the leaves, you can draw each leaf separately or just sketch the overall foliage mass. It depends on the effect you want to achieve.

How to Draw a Tree 10

Step 3. Let’s make the foliage thicker, it will make your tree look more voluminous and thus light and vivid. Note that the bottom part of the crown is always darker than the upper as it has a direct contact with sunrays.

How to Draw a Tree 11

Step 4. Then outline the trunk and branches, hatch them with a pencil, and add more leaves near the branches.

How to Draw a Tree 12

Step 5. And the final touch – outline the crown and add a shadow under the tree.

How to Draw a Tree 13

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