How to Draw a Wolf

By | November 15, 2016

How to Draw a Wolf

A wolf is built very much like a dog because they have one and the same “ancestors”. However, there is a number of differences. First, a wolf has more prominent features of a predator. His canine teeth are longer, his tail is more fluffy and there are long claws on his big and strong paws. Even if you tame a wolf, he will always be dangerous for you because it can’t be tamed due to its nature. In films, there are always dogs that play a role of a wolf. Probably, not everyone knows that the wolf that grew up in captivity will never bark. it can only roar in anger and howl. On this page, you will wind information on how to draw a wolf step-by-step.

How to Draw a Wolf in Pencil Step by Step

1. We draw the silhouette of a wolf.

How to Draw a Wolf 1

Divide your future picture in squares. This way it will be easier for you to draw. Besides, it will help you to draw the silhouette. First, we draw the outline of the body and a circle for the head. Then, add some lines for the legs and get to the next step.

2. Add details to your picture.

How to Draw a Wolf 2

On this step, we draw an approximate outline of the body and the tail. First, you need to draw the legs. The front legs will be very easy to draw. It will be a bit more difficult to draw the back legs. They are a bit bent and look like a cat’s ones somehow.

3. How to draw the head.

How to Draw a Wolf 3

Since you have already drawn the silhouette, you may erase the lines with the help of that you divided your picture in the very beginning. Then, you may start to draw the head. First, we need to mark the approximate outline of the head without any details. Draw the outlines of the ears, then, draw the outline of the muzzle. Try to draw it as accurately as you can so that your wolf doesn’t look like a fox or a dog.

4. Add details to the head.

How to Draw a Wolf 4

When people see any picture, including pictures of animals, the first thing they look at is either the head or the face if it’s a picture of a man. That’s why you need to draw your wolf so that it look like a predator and not like a pooch. First, erase unnecessary outlines of the head and draw the nose. Now you can draw eyes and add all the rest small details. Overall, to draw a wolf step-by-step is not that difficult. On this step, the general picture of the wolf is almost finished. You’ll only have to choose whether you’ll go on drawing it in pencil or color it with the help of colorful paints or pencils.

5. We draw the fur.

How to Draw a Wolf 5

If you have decided to draw the wolf in pencil, then, use the scheme below. It shows how to apply shadows. The most difficult thing is to draw the fur. In order to do it, you need to draw many small hatches with the pencil the way it is shown on our picture. You draw them along the outline of the wolf. Try not to color it using only one color. Shadows will make fur more volumetric. Besides, the fur of a real wolf has different tones, especially during the period when a wolf casts the coat.

6. Drawing a wolf on a tablet.

How to Draw a Wolf 6

It’s not easy to color the picture with colorful pencils or paints. Besides, it’s difficult to choose the right color since its fur has different tones. On the back, there is a dark line. There are dark lines also on the neck and abdomen. The bridge of the nose and the forehead of the wolf also should be darker. In order to underline the fact that a wolf is not a dog, draw the scene. For example, draw your wolf surrounded by hunting dogs or on the forest meadow. Then, some small mistakes won’t attract attention and people will understand that this is the picture of a wolf.

How to Draw a Wolf Step by Step

How to Draw a Wolf 7

First, draw a circle for the head and an oval for the body. Connect them with the line for the neck. Add paws and draw some guiding lines on the muzzle.

How to Draw a Wolf 8

Let’s start to add details to the head of the wild animal. Its fur should be long. Draw the ears.

How to Draw a Wolf 9

On this step, we draw eyes, mouth, jaws and add more fur.

How to Draw a Wolf 10

Then, we add details to the eyes and add more fur along the perimeter of the wolf’s head.

How to Draw a Wolf 11

Have a look at our picture and add fur on all the body of the wolf. This is what you’ll get:

How to Draw a Wolf 12

Go on adding fur, get to the paws. Add fingers on the front foot.

How to Draw a Wolf 13

Draw the fourth leg with fingers and claws on them. Do it the way you did it with the front leg. Add more fur.

How to Draw a Wolf 14

Now we draw a long fluffy tail with the help of a pencil. Add details to the fur and get to the next step.

How to Draw a Wolf 15

Then, we draw a rocky landscape and erase unnecessary lines.

How to Draw a Wolf 16

You’ve drawn a very beautiful wolf step-by-step in pencil! Now you may color your picture.

How to Draw a Wolf 17

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