How to Draw Book

By | November 15, 2016

How To Draw Book

How to Draw an Open Book in Pencil Step by Step

How to draw an open book in pencil step by step? -this is the theme of today’s narrative.

1. Draw a rectangle, divide it in half vertically.

How To Draw Book 1

2. Raised pages from the middle of the book. Draw an area of a book-cover and pages, they do not close the cover.

How To Draw Book 2

3. Let’s add a bookmark of rectangular shape. The shadow between the pages do not draw with the same pressure of a pencil-look closely and you’ll see more highlights and shadows. Reflect it in the drawing.

How To Draw Book 3

4. Add a shadow on the soft bending of pages and under the bookmark. Under the bookmark the shadow is triangular because it goes deep. Shadow can be drawn by the same hatching, which you like most of all or (even better) try different ones.

How To Draw Book 4

5. Further, the dropping shadow on the surface-in the corner it is darker, and at the edge it is lighter.

How To Draw Book 5

Our book is ready!

Another Sheme of Drawing of an Open Book

How To Draw Book 6

How to Draw a Closed Book in Pencil Step by Step

1. First draw the rotated rectangle, then down from two corners draw the same lower vertical straight lines, then draw parallel straight lines, look at the picture and copy it. Then draw the rim, too, the lines must be parallel to each other, inside the book, showing the cover.

How To Draw Book 7

2. Draw straight lines, as in the picture, then ink them, erase a small line at the corner of the book at the bottom.

How To Draw Book 8

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