How to Draw Caricature

By | November 15, 2016

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How to Draw a Pencil Caricature Step by Step

Step one. Draw a large elongated egg in the center of the sheet. It’s not an oval, for the figure looks more pointed at the bottom. Down the neck lines going down. Make the shoulders sloping and very narrow.

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Step two. Sketch the basic construction lines. We are already familiar with them, since it’s not the first time we are drawing a face. They are: vertical line of the nose, line of the eyes and line of the mouth. Outline a small hyphen for the nose between the lines of the eyes and mouth . Draw the ears and hair. Now – collar of the shirt.

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Step three. Continue our work. Cover the hair with short strokes. Show the main lines of a long extended nose. Wide mouth. A curved arc a bit below. Eyes and eyebrows now. Be careful, the eyes tell us much about a person.

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Step four. Randomly hatch the hair. Enhance the nose, mouth, forehead wrinkles, facial hair. Now detail the clothing.

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Step five. Hatch the image to make it look realistic.

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Suppose the light falls on the front side, hence we need to darken the lateral parts. Get the lines a bit faded. Take a piece of paper and rub where we need the effect. Well done.

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How to Draw Caricature of a Celebrity

1. Select a person to caricature.

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2. Select the pencil.

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3. Draw a small body, clad in the clothes that he wears when engaged in his routine hobby (riding breeches, for instance).

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4. Draw a big head, exaggerated in dimensions. For example, if a person has a wide forehead, highlight it by drawing too large forehead. If it is narrow, compared to normal forehead, draw a very narrow forehead.

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5. Draw the hair. If the person has curly hair, make your picture with very curly hair. If he has long hair, draw the hair hanging down to the ground, etc.

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6. Draw bright eyes. If the person has long eyelashes, make them very long.

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7. Draw the nose. The nose may be straight, long, pointed, thick, etc.

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8. Draw the mouth. Lips are easy to draw. They must be narrow or very plump, straight or not, etc. If the person has good teeth, make them look too straight, if he has big teeth, make them giant, highlight crooked teeth by distorting them even more. Unleash your madness!

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