How to Draw Cartoon Faces

By | November 15, 2016

How to Draw Cartoon Faces

How to Correctly Draw Cartoon Faces

Kids are the ones who like watching different cartoons. A professional caricaturist is able to define the main features of a face or an object and make them easier so that to attract a kid’s attention. Such professionals like Walt Disney, Hannah and Barbera, Chuck Jones, Jim Henson, Walter Lanz and many other studied kids’ opinion and peculiarities of their perception. They created nice and mysterious characters that will be remembered forever. On this lesson, we’ll learn how to easily and correctly draw cartoon characters. Both lids and adults will like them.

This is the way the final picture will look:

How to Draw Cartoon Faces 1

Drawing the First Character

The main figure will be a circle. All you need is a circle. with the help of it, you’ll be able to define the proportions of a character’s head.

How to Draw Cartoon Faces 2

Draw a vertical and horizontal lines. They cross in the center of the circle the way it is shown on the picture below:

How to Draw Cartoon Faces 3

The first step. We draw the eyes. They are oval. They are a bit inclined on the sides. You need to leave a space between the eyes. The space should be equal to the size of one more eye.

How to Draw Cartoon Faces 4

The second step. We draw small eyelashes in the upper part of the eyes. Above the eyelashes, there are eyebrows. They show that the character is amazed. Draw the eyebrows as you can. The more you practice, the better they will be. In future, you may be able to draw eyebrows in your own style.

Draw the pupils so that they are both in the center of the eyes. This is a very popular way of drawing. This way the characters look nicer.

How to Draw Cartoon Faces 5

Recommendation: in order to make the eyes look more natural, draw a short line under them. It will imitate a wrinkle. This is one more popular trick used by caricaturists. It contributes to the mimics.

How to Draw Cartoon Faces 6

The third step. This is the most interesting step of the lesson. On this step, we’ll define the way what our character will be like. The character may be thin or thick, young or old. Our character will be young.

We draw the jaw:

How to Draw Cartoon Faces 7

The fourth step. Draw the nose. You need to have a frontal view of it. In order not to use many details, draw general outline of it. Very often, caricaturists draw the nose in details from one side. The reason for it is that the light, usually, falls from one side.

How to Draw Cartoon Faces 8

The fifth step. Our character is a kid. We draw the mouth. It should be simple. It should point out the expression of innocence. Pay attention to the fact that irrespective of the sex of a cartoon character, boys and girls drawn in a cartoon style have a simple form of the mouth. There are no lips.

How to Draw Cartoon Faces 9

The sixth step. The shape of the ears is also simple.

How to Draw Cartoon Faces 9

The seventh step. Add the haircut to our boy.

How to Draw Cartoon Faces 10

Drawing an Old Character

The first step. We start with the eyes. This time, we’ll draw faster when we’ll be adding wrinkles, eyebrows and pupils. Pay attention to the fact that the eyebrows are not changed much. They are only a bit wider. Old people have thicker eyebrows that require more space on the forehead. we draw the eyelashes the same way we did it previously.

How to Draw Cartoon Faces 11

The second step. The chin will be a bit bigger than in case of the previous character.

How to Draw Cartoon Faces 12

The third step. We draw the nose. The shape is different. Pay attention to the fact that the nostrils are located very close to the lower part of the eyes. The main idea here is to get a good picture without exaggerating the body parts.

How to Draw Cartoon Faces 13

The fourth step. Draw big moustache instead of the mouth.

How to Draw Cartoon Faces 14

The fifth step. Add ears. They should be the same as in case of the boy. However, the haircut will be different. We need to add hair on the sides of the head and leave an empty space to show a bald patch.

How to Draw Cartoon Faces 15

Our character looks like a crazy scientist.

Drawing a Female Character

How to Draw Cartoon Faces 16

Females’ face is more delicate. Take into account the following peculiarities:

  • thin eyebrows;
  • longer and more spirited eyelashes;
  • the chin is thinner;
  • the nose is smaller and it has less details;
  • long hair;

That’s it! As soon as you feel more confident in drawing these characters, you may draw some more characters that have different details.

How to Draw Cartoon Faces 17


Let’s draw a girl that has recently received news that the school holidays are nearly finished.

How to Draw Cartoon Faces 18

We only changed the form of the mouth and added tears.

Now, let’s get back to our boy and ask him what he thinks about it.

How to Draw Cartoon Faces 19

He looks as if he is up to something!

Pay attention to the changes on the boy’s face:

  • one eyebrow is lower than the other one;
  • the eyes are half-closed;
  • we added a smile. One side is higher than the other one, just like the way it is with the eyebrows;
  • the pupils got to the area under the eyelashes.

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