How to Draw Dipper Pines

By | November 15, 2016

How to Draw Dipper Pines

How to Draw Dipper Step by Step

Dipper is one of the main characters of the cartoon Gravity Falls, one of the twins. How to Draw Dipper – I’ll tell you below. Pencil drawing lesson is divided into simple steps to make it easier for you to draw.

Step 1. Perhaps we begin to draw Dipper’s head. To do this we need a basis. The shape of the head of our character is strange, draw a shape that’s slightly reminiscent of beans.

How to Draw Dipper Pines 1

Step 2. Now we will draw Dipper’s face. Draw round eyes with large pupils, a small snub nose, smiling mouth and one ear.

How to Draw Dipper Pines 2

Step 3. The extra lines must always be erased. Now over the head we draw a cap of Dipper. Erase those lines, which are under the outline of the cap.

How to Draw Dipper Pines 3

Step 4. When the cap is ready, you need to add to it the details – herringbone and dividing strip. We also draw the Dipper’s hair, so he does not look bald.

How to Draw Dipper Pines 4

Step 5. So, head of Dipper is drawn, you can now start drawing the body of the character of Gravity Falls. I begin to draw a vest and the hands.

How to Draw Dipper Pines 5

Step 6. Now draw shorts, legs and gumshoes of the character.

How to Draw Dipper Pines 6

Step 7. Only a few small touches that will give perfection to the image – the folds of his shirt, socks, shoelaces, and so on.

How to Draw Dipper Pines 7

Step 8. We have almost finished drawing Dipper, and now you can paint it with pencils, paints or markers.

How to Draw Dipper Pines 8

Now that you know how to draw Dipper in pencil step by step.

How to Draw Dipper in Pencils

How to Draw Dipper Pines 9

Draw two eyes, first draw a circle, then the second one to the right of it, but not complete, it intersects with the first. More exactly in the middle of each circle, draw a small pupil, then the nose, the mouth and the upper and lower part of the face and the ear.

How to Draw Dipper Pines 10

Draw a cap and eyebrows, then the hair. Erase the part of the head, which is not visible under the cap and hair.

How to Draw Dipper Pines 11

Draw the body. You can start with the back line, then draw the legs and hands, draw the wrist of the second hand, part of the vest and bottom of trousers.

How to Draw Dipper Pines 12

Erase the unnecessary lines, so it is as in the picture and continue to draw the second part of the vest, T-shirt (its neck, bottom and sleeves), socks, sneakers. On the cap it is still necessary to draw herringbone and Dipper from Gravity Falls is ready.

How to Draw Dipper Pines 13

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