How to Draw Easy Flower

By | November 15, 2016

How to Draw Easy Flower

How to Draw an Easy Flower Step by Step

You will learn how to draw an easy but beautiful flower with colored pencils.

Take a pencil and paper. Draw a big circle and mark its center. Draw a little circle around the center. You can use a compass or any object with a round shape. Draw eight straight lines from the center to the border of the circle.

How to Draw Easy Flower 1

Draw neat petals around the lines.

How to Draw Easy Flower 2

Do the same on the other side as well.

How to Draw Easy Flower 3

Now you can erase the sketch lines. Color the center of the flower with yellow and shade the petals with red straight lines. That will help the petals look more texturized.

How to Draw Easy Flower 4

The end of the petals should be colored brightly to make the center look lighter. Add a bright green stem.

How to Draw Easy Flower 5
How to Draw Simple Flowers

Use ribbons and leaves from other big flowers to decorate the bouquet. It’s all entirely up to you but don’t overdo it. In this tutorial you will learn step by step how to draw a simple flower bouquet with a pencil.

1. Sketch the leaves and the flower buds.

How to Draw Easy Flower 6

Draw the outlines of the leaves and the buds. Ovals and circles of different size will make the buds. Arrange them in small groups leaving some space between them. Use lighter strokes to make these initial outlines; don’t press the pencil too hard, because it’s just a sketch for the future drawing of the bouquet.

2. Draw the pistils of the flower buds.

How to Draw Easy Flower 7

Draw the center of each flower and the pistils by simply adding a smaller circle inside each flower center.

3. Add tulips to the bouquet.

How to Draw Easy Flower 8

Trace the initial outlines of the flowers to add the shape. Round the sharp edges if you had any. Divide each flower into the small parts that will become petals. To make your bouquet look livelier add some tulips with three pointed petals. The tulips should slightly rise above the rest of the flowers. See the tutorial on How To Draw a Tulip here.

4. Decorate the bouquet with a ribbon.

How to Draw Easy Flower 9

“Wrap” the bouquet with a ribbon to make it look more festive. Draw two parallel curved lines that go around the stems a few times, just above the leaves.

5. Draw the leaves with a pencil.

How to Draw Easy Flower 10

Add finishing pencil touches to the leaves and stems. Add some fern leaves. They are simple to draw – just divide a leaf into many sharp segments. Round off the rest of the leaves. Draw the bunch of stems at the bottom of the bouquet.

6. Color the bouquet.

How to Draw Easy Flower 11

A flower bouquet should be colored with the color pencils or painted. Use your imagination to add bright colors to your taste. Color the leaves green and choose a ribbon color that is in harmony with the colors of the flower buds.

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