How to Draw Elephants

By | November 15, 2016

How to Draw Elephants

How to Draw an Elephant Step by Step

In this tutorial, you will learn how to draw an elephant in stages with a pencil. Elephant have a voluminous body and huge column-like legs, but unlike other animals drawing an elephant is quite simple. However, his big ears, trunk and tusks simple in appearance, are actually not so easy to draw so that they look realistic. To make a more vivid drawing add a surrounding landscape and some more elephants around.

1. Draw the basic contours of the elephant body.

How to Draw Elephants 1

Begin drawing with the initial contour in the form of a large circle – the body. At a short distance to the right, draw a circle of a smaller diameter – the head. Joining the shapes the way it’s shown on my picture, you can draw the elephant’s neck. You do not need to be geometrically accurate while making contours, you see, my contours are rather negligent either. These are only preliminary outlines to be removed at the end. Now we use them to set the proportions and define the main parts of the elephant body. Place two elongated ovals just below the main circle – the legs.

2. Outline the trunk and legs.

How to Draw Elephants 2

Start this step with the trunk, it’s the easiest, just draw an arc with a small circle on the end. We need it to obtain proportionate head and trunk. Now draw another arc from the head to the back , it is the top of the ear. Then draw the bottom line of the abdomen. The elephant is a very massive animal, and we need to show it, so this line helps avoid errors. Well, to finish this step just add two more shapes as legs.

3. The overall contour of the elephant trunk.

How to Draw Elephants 3

We have prepared the basic sketch, so, our work is quite simple now, all we need is sketch the legs. To show the elephant in motion, we should to use appropriate legs positions. To draw the left leg a bit raised, slightly lift the leg up in its upper part and turn left the lower part. In the next step we create a general outline of the elephant, and then you will see him moving.

4. A detailed drawing of the elephant.

How to Draw Elephants 4

This step starts with drawing the the trunk and huge ears of the elephant. By the way, note, the span of his ears equals the length of the elephant. Draw the trunk, it’s easy since we have the contours. The ear can be arbitrary in shape. Avoid making the trunk too thin or too thick. Compare it with legs, for example. By the way, the legs of an elephant look like columns and the feet are flattened, almost round.

I hope you will easily outline the overall contour of the torso and legs of the elephant. You can see now that drawing an elephant is not that difficult. Just add a simple small parts and the drawing will be completely finished.

5. How to draw elephant skin.

How to Draw Elephants 5

First of all remove the excess contour lines, it’s about time to see what we get. Then start to draw the most simple items. Draw an eye, and then you can draw two tusks and a tail. Drawing an elephant’s ear is a bit more difficult, but I hope you can handle it easily by looking at my drawing. Pay attention to the other ear partially visible on the picture, but you may skip it.

Since we have managed to properly draw the torso and the head, let’s proceed to the skin. In some places you may cover it with wrinkles and folds (trunk). You can do it with pencil strokes. Cover the remaining skin with intersecting lines forming a small “grid”. Do not press hard on the pencil, make the lines barely visible. Try and draw the eye correctly. To see the eyes in detail you can enlarge my drawing.

6. How to draw an elephant. Final step

How to Draw Elephants 6

By this step you have the elephant fully drawn to begin coloring the picture. If you opt to draw in pencil, then use a soft tool (2 m) to shade the picture. Shading gives some volume and makes the elephant look more realistic. To shade the trunk accurately, you should set the light direction. The closer the object the lighter the shadow. Make more dense shading where the legs are attached to the body and the ears to the head. You can make the picture more vivid and realistic. Draw the elephant surrounded by his family or near a little baby elephant and add some African landscape.

How to Draw an Animated Elephant with a Pencil

How to Draw Elephants 7


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