How to Draw Female Body

By | November 15, 2016

How to Draw Female Body

How to Draw a Female Body Step by Step

– Anatomically, women and men have the same body, with a few differences. Such as hips and waist, where the proportions tend to differ. Legs look longer (due to the waist) and much more delicately delineated. The differences become more apparent at comparing the bones structure. Let’s examine the process of creating a “typical” female body in the cartoon style.

Step 1. Let’s start with the central axis. Make a straight vertical line using a ruler:

How to Draw Female Body 1

Now let’s sketch the torso. Draw an inverted triangle, like this:

How to Draw Female Body 2

Step 2. To determine the position of the breasts, draw an upward triangle, inside the torso.

How to Draw Female Body 3

It’s cool! Now draw two circles at the corners, sketching the breasts.

How to Draw Female Body 4

Step 3. Sketch the thighs as a simple circle.

How to Draw Female Body 5

Step 4. To show the legs, just draw curved lines coming from the top of the circle, as shown below.

How to Draw Female Body 6

Step 5. Now add a new triangle at the bottom of the circle to sketch the groin.

How to Draw Female Body 7

Step 6. Awesome! This is the basic silhouette of a female body. Now add the contours and finish our beautiful female figure.

How to Draw Female Body 8

Now that we have the basic pattern of the female body, we can change the proportions! Thus you can create a character to match your goals.

How to Draw Female Body 9

Having defined the basic proportions, we can play with the structure of the body. The difference between a male and female body goes further than you think and is not limited by the size of the muscles and bones. Look at the picture below and remember the following simple rules:

How to Draw Female Body 10

  • in women trapezoid muscle are located lower and their neck seems to be longer;
  • the clavicle protrude at the ends of the shoulder;
  • the belly button is located below the waist;
  • the female pelvis is longer and pelvic bones are located higher.

4. Flexibility and sexuality. It’s easier than it seems to draw a sexual figure. Just add flexibility to the back! Even in situations when this methos seems inappropriate, it provides greater dynamics to your drawings and allows to experiment with the standard “hourglass” figure.

How to Draw Female Body 11

Example of how to use this tool. Note the analogy above. The more flexible the female body is, the more expression it has. Another way to use this technique is to place the shoulder line at an angle with the hips. It will look like the character is bent!

How to Draw Female Body 12

An example of the various positions. When the right shoulder is raised, the left hip is lowered and conversely. Pay attention to the S-shaped curvature when drawing the spine.

5. Keep on working on your design. The artist’s work does not end at a moment when he understands the female anatomy. You need to know how to present your character as a whole. The hairstyle must meet age, place of residence, the same applies for accessories and clothes — they should conform age and social status. This process is called character design.

How to Draw Female Body 13

Note that the character has long legs, though they are hidden. This solution provides essential elegance. In cartoons, we allow ourselves freedom of creativity to make our characters appealing. Great job!

It is important to learn to reflect reality through stylization, as it not only provides you the liking of the audience, but also allows you to get out of your comfort zone, try new tools and grow professionally.

How to Draw Female Body 14

A few More Diagrams how to Draw a Female Body

How to Draw Female Body 15


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