How to Draw Flower

By | November 15, 2016

How to Draw Flower

How to Draw a Flower with a Pencil in Stages

Further, start to pick in each petal. Pay attention to their form, and that these flowers usually have 6 petals. Proceed to the fine line detail of the stamens. You should get the following result.

How to Draw Flower 1

Further, proceed to the more detalized drawing of the Lily. Add some spots on the petals.

How to Draw Flower 2

The next stage. Rub off auxiliary lines, which you draw in the initial stage and outline the contours of the Lily.

How to Draw Flower 3

Now there are final strokes and finishing of the drawing.

How to Draw Flower 4

How to Draw a Beautiful Flower

Here is a rose, it is splendid and beautiful.

How to Draw Flower 5

You will need diligence to draw a rosebud, as its flower has many petals; start to draw from the middle, draw the spiral and petals resembling the shape of a heart around it. Then draw the side petals, then draw them above in a big quantity, but they are barely visible, therefore, they are so small. Continue to draw the petals, but they will be large, carefully consider the drawing scheme of the flower. Draw the sepals under the bud then.

How to Draw Flower 6

Further, draw the stem and leaves on it.

How to Draw Flower 7

The edges of rose leaves are not smooth, so draw them in small zigzags to make them real. Shadow the entire rose using only a light tone.

How to Draw Flower 8

See the original: different colors are present on the petals. The petals are usually darker at the base, as less light and color penetrates there. So, darken these places by a darker tint, just press the pencil more intensively or take a softer one, such as 4 or 6B.

How to Draw Flower 9

Shadow the sepals, the stem and leaves of the rose. The picture of the beautiful rose flower is ready.

How to Draw Flower 10

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