How to Draw Girl

By | November 15, 2016

How to Draw Girl

How to Draw a Girl in Pencil

The first step. As always, we draw a human, draw over the silhouette and mark the location of feet, head and arms.

How to Draw Girl 1

The second step. Add some details to the face of the girl, draw the relevant clothes.

How to Draw Girl 2

The third step. Now, we need to show the lap of the skirt and its limits. Draw bracelets on the wrists. Make hair look better.

How to Draw Girl 3

The fourth step. The only thing left to do is to add details to the face and skirt. Draw more bracelets and draw nails.

How to Draw Girl 4

How to Draw a Girl Step by Step

How to Draw Girl 5

The first step. Since the posture is particular, draw the spine that’s inclined into one direction and the head that’s inclined in the opposite one. The line of the hips is also a bit curved.

How to Draw Girl 6

The second step. On this step, you’ll have to do the picture volumetric. First, we divide the face in parts. On all lessons devoted to drawing people, we point out that we start drawing from the head to the feet. From upper part to the lowest one. Let’s get to the face. Divide it with the help of a vertical line of face symmetry and also several horizontal lines. The basic and the longest horizontal line is the line of the eyes. It’s a bit curved due to the fact that the head is inclined. Beneath it, there are the lines of the nose and mouth. Above it, there is the line for hair.

How to Draw Girl 7

The third step. The next thing we do is sketching the lines of the upper part of the girl’s clothes. In order to understand the location, use the lines of the arms, hips and body. By the way, you need to draw the lines of the clothes from down to up.

How to Draw Girl 8

The fourth step. Using the lines on the face, draw one eye, eyebrow and plump lips. Pay special attention to the form of the eyebrow, the eye and their location. They help us show that the head is a bit inclined forward. One more thing is the lower lip that should be significantly thicker than the upper one. The lower lip is almost straight while the upper one is curved significantly.

How to Draw Girl 9

The fifth step. Erase all the unnecessary guiding lines from the face. Add details to the eye, eyebrow, nose and lips. Draw the eyelid attentively. Pay attention to the location of the pupil and eyelashes. These details contribute to the way the eye looks.

How to Draw Girl 10

The sixth step. Draw a part of the fringe that covers the girl’s eye. Do not forget to draw the turn of the fringe that’s approximately in the middle. You need to draw hair starting from the roots.

How to Draw Girl 11

The seventh step. You draw the rest of the hair the same way, starting from the roots. Do not forget about the fact that the ends are a bit curvy. There are accessories and a headband.

How to Draw Girl 12

The eighth step. Draw over the left from us shoulder, breast and neck. Pay attention to the lines that mark the collarbone. They are not long and not that much visible. Still, you need to show them. While drawing the shoulder and the breast, use smooth lines. The silhouette should look like a silhouette of a woman, it should be smoothly curved.

How to Draw Girl 13

The ninth step. Erase the unnecessary guiding lines from the arms and the body. You need to draw over the body and the arms with thick straight lines. The lines of the creases on the clothes should be lighter. Do not forget about the fact that the body should have curves; there shouldn’t be muscles and rough lines.

How to Draw Girl 14

The tenth step. Draw over the lower part of the body and the legs. Pay attention to the borders and creases on the clothes. Draw several lines to mark the abdominal muscles.

How to Draw Girl 15

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