How to Draw Human Body

By | November 15, 2016

How to Draw Human Body

How to Draw a Human Body in Correct Proportions

How to Draw Human Body 1

“The head length” is what normally used as a unit for measurement of the human body. The average human growth makes about 7.5 length of the head.

However no definite proportion rules can be applied due to race, gender, age and physiological individual differences.

Most artists prefer to depict the human body maintaining 1:8 ratio of the head length to the total height.

Some women happen to have 1:6 ratio proportions. Ideal women nowadays are supposed to be within 1:8 or even 1:9 ratio.

The figure on the top is of 1:7.5 ratio. The left figure has the same head and body, but its arms and legs are a bit different reaching 1:8 ratio.

Many artists prefer to paint longer legs. Some figures may have legs of the AC type while the arms are similar to the BD.

Of course, you don’t need to draw a chain of heads, as in the above picture. We did so just to show the principle and to explore the body dimensions in parts relatively to each other. First, define the height of the figure you’re going to depict, and then start drawing it from top to bottom. After some exercise, you will learn to feel the proportions.

How to Draw Human Figure Step by Step With a Pencil

To start drawing, you need to know the human proportions, the average proportions has been known since antiquity. The head length is taken as a measurement unit. The body height equals to 7-8 goals. In fact people are very different making it rather uncomfortable to calculate proportions every single time. Which is why you have to gain some experience to draw from a photo or a live person We shall drop the subject for a while. Let’s just try and draw a human body, a girl in our case.

How to Draw Human Body 2

1. Depict the head as an oval, draw a horizontal line to show the eyes position and a vertical one across the middle of the head. Use a ruler to measure the head length and draw downwards the line equal to 7 heads. Now get focused on the drawing and draw a so-called body skeleton. Shoulders width is to comprise the width of two heads, or three in men.

2. Now make a sketch of the ribcage, pelvis, hands and feet; the flexible joints may look like circles.

3. Erase the initial lines and lighten the lines you drew in step 2, just slightly rub them with the eraser tool. Now draw the collar bone, neck, shoulders, chest, connect the chest lines with the sides, outline legs and arms. Work out all the bends, they are formed by the muscles. So, to draw the human body, you need to know the anatomy, the skeleton, the arrangement of muscles and the muscles and bones behavior in different movements and postures.

How to Draw Human Body 3

4. Erase unnecessary lines and draw a swimsuit. This is the way for the beginners to correctly draw the human body using rather simple constructions.

How to Draw Human Body 4

Let’s try another practice, take the pose of the girl in the middle.

How to Draw Human Body 5

So, begin with simple lines and shapes, try not to hurry and pay due attention to this item. In the beginning, you can move your pencil to the screen to ascertain the direction, the slope of a line, and then draw the same on paper. The distance from the tip to the pubis (pubic bone) and from it to the head top should be roughly the same. Since people differ, variations are possible, except for the sheer contrasts. Let’s keep drawing.

How to Draw Human Body 6

Now try to convey the body shape. Pay attention once again, you are supposed to study the human anatomy to understand such curves and shapes of bones and muscles.

How to Draw Human Body 7

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