How to Draw Kangaroo

By | November 15, 2016

How to Draw Kangaroo

How to Draw a Kangaroo in Pencil Step by Step

Step 1. Draw a circle and perpendicular lines. Draw eyes, they are very dark, so hatch them completely, then draw the eye brows, nose, muzzle and cheekbones.

How to Draw Kangaroo 1

Step 2. Draw the ears and add additional lines to create the kangaroo’s characteristic facial features.

How to Draw Kangaroo 2

Step 3. Draw a skeleton according to the kangaroo’s pose.

How to Draw Kangaroo 3

Step 4. Now draw the back, fore legs, a foot.

How to Draw Kangaroo 4

Step 5. Draw the paws, then the bag with the baby, and finally the muzzle of the baby kangaroo.

How to Draw Kangaroo 5

Step 6. Draw the second foot and the tail, add additional lines.

How to Draw Kangaroo 6

Step 7. Erase the skeleton. You can draw grass under the feet and the tail.

How to Draw Kangaroo 7

How to Draw a Kangaroo Step by Step

1. Draw a circle for the kangaroo body.

How to Draw Kangaroo 8

First draw two circles. One is for the kangaroo’s chest, another slightly bigger for the back of the torso. Connect them with a line. Add a little dash with a pencil to mark the neck. The kangaroo looks very like a hare. The same long back and short front paws and ears; the only difference is a very long tail.

2. Draw the kangaroo’s paws and the tail.

How to Draw Kangaroo 9

In this step add paws and a tail. The kangaroo has very short fore paws, so draw them in almost straight lines, while the back paws are bent in two under the right angle. You can draw the tail any shape you like. Add a small circle to the dash on the neck. It will make the kangaroo’s head.

3. A general outline of the torso and paws of kangaroos.

How to Draw Kangaroo 10

Up to this stage, you have only marked the proportions of the kangaroo with circles and lines. Now make a contour. To do so you only need to outline them in pencil, leaving small space as shown in my drawing.

4. How to draw the kangaroo’s head and ears.

How to Draw Kangaroo 11

Remove unnecessary lines to make the kangaroo look more realistic. Add eyes, nose and mouth to the head circle. Draw the ears at the top of the head. The drawing is practically finished.

5. Add shadows.

How to Draw Kangaroo 12

Let’s start with the head and the paws. If you draw a kangaroo on the entire sheet of paper, you will find it easier drawing shadows in pencil, but you will have to add more details to the eyes and other parts of the kangaroo. If the picture is small, you can draw shadows only in one part of it, and darken the eyes, nose and mouth, without going into details. Don’t forget to draw claws on the kangaroo’s paws. It’s a small, but important detail.

6. The final step.

How to Draw Kangaroo 13

At this step, shadow the picture, and if you wish, draw the surrounding landscape.

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