How to Draw Kitty

By | November 15, 2016

How to Draw Kitty

Hello Kitty is a renowned white kitty in pink dress and red bow on right ear. This lesson is dedicated to all fans of this character.

How to Draw Hello Kitty Step by Step

1. Draw the head and torso.

How to Draw Kitty 1

2. Make three lines on the head of a kitten with a ruler and a pencil.

How to Draw Kitty 2

3. Thanks to these lines we draw the eyes and nose.

How to Draw Kitty 3


4. Draw the ear on the left side and the whiskers on the sides.

How to Draw Kitty 4


5. Draw on the right side of the head a nice and big bow which our kitten wears. Also add an ear in the background.

How to Draw Kitty 5

6. Form a trunk. Draw a dress and arms.

How to Draw Kitty 6

7. Now in pen or black felt-tip pen outline all the pencil lines.

How to Draw Kitty 7

8. In red pencil paint the bow on the right ear, in yellow one-a nose and in pink-the clothing.

How to Draw Kitty 8

9. Thus we’ve got the drawing of Hello Kitty step-by-step.

How to Draw Kitty 9

How to Draw Hello Kitty in Pencil Step by Step

How to Draw Kitty 10

Step 1. First draw a flattened oval

How to Draw Kitty 11

Step 2. Then draw another rounded shape under the oval, only it should be extended.

How to Draw Kitty 12

Step 3. Outline the contours of the upper paws-just a pair of rounded shapes on each side, just below the head.

How to Draw Kitty 13

Step 4. On top of the head outline a couple of triangles with slightly rounded sides, these will be the contours of the ears. Incidentally, note the incredible ease of drawing Kitty, this factor has become one of the main reasons for such a frenzied popularity, because anyone can draw it. Even Disney characters such as Mickey Mouse and Pluto, do not have such flair and simplicity in drawing.

How to Draw Kitty 14

Step 5. On our right, just below the ear, at the intersection with the outline of the head, outline the bow.

How to Draw Kitty 15

Step 6. Facial features are very, very simple. Just below the notional mid draw a couple of black dots of eyes and an oval nose. On the sides draw the whiskers — three short stroke on each side.

How to Draw Kitty 16

Step 7. Draw the waist line, make the contours of the body oval, to create the lower paws. In the area of a neck outline a neckline that looks like a semi-circle. At this stage, draw the contours of the palms.

How to Draw Kitty 17

Step 8. Erase the extra lines, ink the entire shape of the character in clear, confident lines.

How to Draw Kitty 18

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