How to Draw Lily

By | November 15, 2016

How to Draw Lily

How to Draw a Lily Step by Step

This lily drawing is made on the graphics tablet, but you can use this lesson to draw a lily in pencil step by step. Step by step, adding new lines, you will get the same drawing of the lily, the final step is to color it with paints. The beginners can use colored pencils instead of paints.

1. Draw the outline of the flower bud and the stem

How to Draw Lily 1

Expand the sheet of paper to get a large picture. Thus, it’ll be easier to draw and color in the last step. A lily, including a water lily is a large flower and you need to highlight it in your picture. The height of this flower can reach up to two meters.

2. The contours of the petals

How to Draw Lily 2

It’s quite simple to draw seven freeform lily’s petals and move on to the next step.

3. How to draw the petal’s shape

How to Draw Lily 3

It’s very easy to draw the lily’s petals, you only need to remember that there are two rows of petals: the upper and the bottom ones. The upper petal “covers” two lower ones. You are free to select the form and size of the lily’s petals, but be sure to observe proportions and symmetry. Have a careful look at the lily’s stem.

4. Remove draft lines.

How to Draw Lily 4

This step will require a little more attention, because you need to gently remove the original lines of the lily’s petals and stem. And now it’s time to refine the petals form. Draw them “boldly”, as flowers’ petals never have perfect straight lines.

5. The flower drawing in details

How to Draw Lily 5

Draw freeform leaves on the stem making sure that they are elongated and narrow. Then you need to draw the stamen, not less than seven or eight. Add in the center of each petal few longitudinal dashes. Now you can paint your lily drawing.

6. How to shade the lily in pencil

How to Draw Lily 6

If you need to draw a lily in pencil, you can use this schema of shadows. Do not shade it to “thick” as the lily flower features tender, pastel colors that are difficult to convey using a pencil.

7. The lily’s drawing in color

How to Draw Lily 7

How to Draw a Lily in Pencil

How to Draw Lily 8

Step one. Take a hard pencil. We will draw accurately, slightly pressing the pencil to get a thin line. First, in the middle of the sheet, outline the stem of the flower going slightly diagonally. Just above mentally put two pivot points – they will make the flowers’ cores. And from these mental points draw two divergent curve lines. Let’s draw the stem for the upper flower tracing two thin parallel lines.

Step two. Look carefully at the picture and try to draw the rounded petals going from the flower’s center. Let’s trace stems for both the upper and the lower lilies. Trace three lines going from the bottom of the stem in three different directions. They will make leaves later.

How to Draw Lily 9

Step three. Draw intermediate petals. Every petal should be slightly curved. We can show it either by the curvature or widening. From the middle of a flower trace a line dividing the petal into two parts to make it look more lively. Draw long and thin leaves going from the stem.

Step four. Refine every petal and leaf. Draw a bunch of thin lines ending with a point going from the center of the lily. These are stamen.

How to Draw Lily 10

Step five. We have completed the main part of the drawing. Remove all failed line with an eraser. Now hatch the drawing. We will show the curvature, volume, shadows. Imagine that the light falls from the upper left corner. We won’t touch all the convex lighted parts of the flower. But we will hatch all the poor lighted leaves in the shadow. Hatch along the contours.

Step six. Go on hatching: the middle of each line is getting darker. Reaching the middle of the petal, ease the pressure on the pencil – this part should remain light colored. Then start hatching in the opposite direction, going from the edge of the petal to the middle bud. The convex parts should be lighter, so don’t press the pencil too hard. The lower part of some leaves will be very dark.

How to Draw Lily 11

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