How to Draw Money

By | November 15, 2016

How to Draw Money

How to Draw Money Step by Step

Step one is drawing a hundred dollar note.

To begin with, use a ruler, if you have one, to make a rectangle that is the basis for the future money note. Leave space for other, important details on it, as shown in the figure.

Namely, room for:

  • The future portrait;
  • The coat of arms;
  • Denomination;
  • Inscriptions.

Mark the desired spaces and make the necessary basics.

How to Draw Money 1

Step two – draw the denomination image.

Since having hundred dollars makes us are rich enough, we are not going to keep silent about it. Let’s draw a hundred on the banknote. Make sure to put the denomination as shown in our instructive figure. Draw the appropriate portrait in the center.

How to Draw Money 2

Stage three – finishing the portrait.

Make it realistic. And maximally accurate. To learn how to draw a pencil portrait you can consult our tutorials, it’s all there. Having drawn the image , you need to paint it, which would make it more realistic. Don’t forget to enhance the digits as well.

How to Draw Money 3

Stage four – hatching the edge.

Once having the above tasks completed, go directly to drawing the banknote. Hatch mostly the edges. Next, add the note number, signature and other details, which make your money look like real.

How to Draw Money 4

The last step is completing the work.

Once you have drawn everything, taking into account the nuances and finishing the details, all you need now is remove unneeded lines, marks etc. If you want your money in color, just take paints and paint it all mostly in green.

How to Draw Money 5

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