How to Draw Monsters

By | November 15, 2016

How to Draw Monsters

How to Draw a Monster in Pencil Step by Step

The first step. Start drawing the shape of the head. Then, add the line of the neck and body. Draw two perpendicular lines on the face. The horizontal one is the line of the eyes. The vertical line marks the location of the nose.

How to Draw Monsters 1

The second step. We draw the hairdo. The left part of it should be a bit wider than the right one. The tips of hair should be sharp, just like they are drawn in Anime.

How to Draw Monsters 2

The third step. The shape of the face should be as it is shown on the picture. Draw the eyes, eyebrows, add nose and mouth. Pay attention to the expression of the face. Try to show a grin so that the monster looks confident and scary. Add some hatches on hair.

The fourth step. Now, we get to drawing the body of the monster. Start with the neck. Then, smoothly get to the shoulders, arms and chest.

How to Draw Monsters 3

The fifth step. Get to hair. Draw some hatches the way it is shown on the picture. Pay attention to the fact that the monster has horns. Don’t forget to draw hair on the back of the head.

The sixth step. We are almost finished. Now, we draw the wings. They look just like the wings of a dragon. Look attentively at the picture provided and try to draw the same details. Now, let’s add details on the body. We need to point out the muscles on the abdomen, chest and neck. Erase the unnecessary lines and draw over the silhouette. This is the picture you should get.

How to Draw Monsters 4

How to Draw Mike from Monsters, Inc.

How to Draw Monsters 5

The first step. First, we need to draw a big circle. It will be Mike’s body. Draw the guiding lines for the face and legs.

How to Draw Monsters 6

The second step. Now, you draw the shape of his head. It should look realistic. It should have wrinkles and curves. Leave 2 empty areas for his leg and arm.

How to Draw Monsters 7

The third step. Now, we have to draw his thin arms. Start drawing them from the body. Then, add the wrists the way it is shown on the picture. You can find a lesson on drawing arms on our website. Make sure that Mike looks good. He is as if saying: “Everything’s cool”.

How to Draw Monsters 8

The fourth step. Once you finish the step, your picture will be almost ready. You need to add a small eye. It’s egg-shaped. You also add the lower eyelid for it and details of the wrinkles above the eye. Then, draw a broad smile and wrinkles near the mouth.

How to Draw Monsters 9

The fifth step. Let’s draw the pupil of the eye. Then, draw small horns (did you notice that he has them?). Then, add details on the arms, add teeth and tongue inside the mouth.

How to Draw Monsters 10

The sixth step. Look what a beautiful picture we have! Draw the legs up until the feet. You can see that they are a bit wider in the area of the hips than in the lower part.

How to Draw Monsters 11

The seventh step. Let’s finish the picture of Mike! You need to draw the feet of the monster. Then, you add 2 fingers and the claws. Erase the lines you drew on the first step.

How to Draw Monsters 12

The eighth step. Our Mike is cool! We are sure that you also have your favorite movie characters. Write to us and tell us about your favorite movie character!

How to Draw Monsters 13

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