How to Draw Sharks

By | November 15, 2016

How to Draw Sharks

How to Draw a Shark in Pencil

The first step. On this lesson, you’ll learn how to draw a shark step-by-step. Start with drawing the outlines of the body, head and tail.

How to Draw Sharks 1

The second step. Get to drawing the head. Draw the eye, nostrils and jaws.

How to Draw Sharks 2

The third step. On this step, we draw the first spinal, chest and tail fins.

How to Draw Sharks 3

The fourth step. Then, we draw gill clefts, the second spinal, anal and abdominal fins. Mark the line on the abdomen.

How to Draw Sharks 4

The fifth step. Make the muzzle, jaws, the first and the second spinal fins and part of the abdomen darker.

How to Draw Sharks 5

The sixth step. Add shadows on the body and the tail fin.

How to Draw Sharks 6

The seventh step. Great! Your shark is finished. Now you may add it to your collection.

How to Draw Sharks 7

How to Draw a Shark Correctly

How to Draw Sharks 15

1. The first outlines of a shark.

How to Draw Sharks 8

It’s quite easy to draw the outlines. You may even use a ruler to do it. It will help you to draw the shape of the shark’s body more precisely. By the way, a shark is not an animal, it’s fish. The amazing fact is that dolphins, whales, seals and other sea creatures are mammals. They are considered to be animals even though they look in a way like a shark.

2. General outlines of the upper fin and the tail.

How to Draw Sharks 9

On this step, the outlines you had before turn into a silhouette of the fish. However, it doesn’t look like a real shark yet. By the way, a shark has to move all her life. It can’t stop due to the peculiarities of her blood circulation. Maybe, that’s the reason why it’s so evil?

3. How to draw the fins.

How to Draw Sharks 10

Start drawing from the back fin. Then, you need to draw the upper and the lower fin. It’s a bit more difficult to draw the shape of the shark’s front part. However, if you look attentively, there aren’t many details to draw there. All sharks look almost alike. The only difference is the size and the color. The white shark that’s considered to be the biggest may be up to 9 meters long. This is the most dangerous shark for a human. The fact that its jaws are 6 times stronger than a wolf’s ones is already enough to believe it.

4. You picture is almost finished.

How to Draw Sharks 11

First, erase all the unnecessary outlines. Draw the eye and other small details. Probably, you’ll need to correct the outline a bit. On this step, you still can do it.

5. The final step.

How to Draw Sharks 12

There won’t be anything difficult on this step. You’ll only have to draw the lower sharp teeth and a dividing line on the back and the abdomen. The line shouldn’t’t be perfectly straight. Draw it the way you can. Do not press on the pencil too much.

6. The picture of a shark in pencil.

How to Draw Sharks 13

You don’t necessarily have to color the picture with the help of colors. You may draw hatches to show the color of the skin. You do the hatches with a simple pencil.

7. Coloring the picture. Sea world landscape.

How to Draw Sharks 14

In order for your picture to look more realistic, you may not color the shark with colorful pencils. You may draw a colorful background. Draw the sea and a group of colorful fish close to the shark.

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