How to Draw Snowman

By | November 15, 2016

How to Draw Snowman

How to Draw Snowman Step by Step

This drawing belongs to the category of simple drawings. Any person can perform it easily, except for the highly proficient artists, who may not agree to draw such a simple picture because of pride. Therefore, next time we will set a task for them to draw a complicated picture of a snowman with mysterious eyes and many wrinkles. So, here is a tutorial for drawing a simple snowman. Here we go!

1. First, draw a small circle on the top of the sheet.

How to Draw Snowman 1

2. Then, draw a larger circle below. By the way, the early Slavs depicted snowmen as winter spirits, who were supposed to devour the virgins, affect the weather and protect from storms.

How to Draw Snowman 2

3. At this stage, draw the third circle, the largest one, which is located at the bottom of the sheet. We used to draw the same circle in the previous lessons for creating the body of a bird from “Angry birds” and the body of Eric Cartman, the hero of the animated series “South Park”. Moreover, if you decide to build a real Snowman, you may follow the instructions of this tutorial starting from step 3. It is quite possible, as our hero is very simple-looking. Follow the instructions beginning from the third step up to the first one. From the fourth step, you can follow the usual order.

How to Draw Snowman 3

4. Draw a bucket, which is placed askew on the head of the Snowman.

How to Draw Snowman 4

5. Erase the extra lines from the head of the hero and draw short hands in the middle of the second circle.

How to Draw Snowman 5

6. Now, make the dots for defining the Snowman’s eyes and the handle of the bucket on his head.

How to Draw Snowman 6

7. Draw a carrot. Sketch the snow at the bottom of your drawing.

How to Draw Snowman 7

8. Actually, the tutorial for drawing a snowman is coming to an end. There are only a few steps left. Draw the smile of the snowman by making small black dots on the face. Draw the buttons by making bigger dots along the body.

How to Draw Snowman 8

9. At the last stage, you should make the shades. It is not difficult. On this picture, the light falls from the right side. Therefore, you should shade the opposite side. For convenience, mark the boundaries of shaded areas by barely visible lines. Shade the areas of most dense shadow by cross-hatching. Note that the shaded areas of the bucket are painted by straight strokes. Use intense shading at the bottom of the bucket. Complete the picture by drawing the broom in the hand of the Snowman.

How to Draw Snowman 9

Here is Another Variant of Drawing a Snowman in Color

How to Draw Snowman 10

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