How to Draw Sonic

By | November 15, 2016

How to Draw Sonic

How to Draw Sonic Stage by Stage

Step 1. As always, the first step is drawing a stickman. This is, as you already know, a man made of sticks and circles, which we use to label proportions and posture of the character we draw. Since today we have a lesson on how to draw Sonic step by step with a pencil, the stickman would be quite non-standard: huge head, small body and limbs in the form of smooth lines.

Actually, his being non-standard is true with regard to humanlike stickmen — by the standards of the characters drawn in cartoon style, he‘s just plain in appearance.

How to Draw Sonic 1

Step 2. Excellent, now sketch the spikes (Yes, they are very peculiar and not looking too sharp), ears, as well as outline the the lower part of his snout.

How to Draw Sonic 2

Step 3. This step will focus on working with the torso and limbs of Sonic the Hedgehog. As you can see, the palms and soles are disproportionate. Don’t forget to outline a circle In the center of the torso , as in our example.

How to Draw Sonic 3

Step 4. Look at the line from the second step and, based on it, draw the nose and mouth, as well as a smooth line which is to comprise the face elements . Note that the nose and mouth lie on either sides of the closed line at the bottom of the face, almost opposite each other.

How to Draw Sonic 4

Step 5. Now draw the eyes. Look at their shape – the eyes have an abrupt bend, but no sharp corners. That is, each eye is very high in the outer part, but gets considerably smaller closer to the nose. Work on the ear and mouth.

How to Draw Sonic 5

Step 6. Enhance it with clear and confident lines. Pay special attention to outlining the right fist, note the shape and position of the fingers, as well as the thumb relatively to the other fingers. Compare the size of the thumb with the other four fingers.

How to Draw Sonic 6

Step 7. Now outline Sonic the Hedgehog’s paws, more precisely the shoes your hero wears. Tighten the thin edges of soles, wide strips on shoes and socks, with folds on them made by short wavy lines.

How to Draw Sonic 7

Step 8. The final step is shading. It’s quite simple indeed, first mark the areas you need to shade, and then get them hatched. Hatching should not be very intensive, single layer, better without pressing down too hard on the pencil.

How to Draw Sonic 8

How to Draw Sonic the Hedgehog Step by Step with a Pencil

1. Let’s start drawing a circle for the face. Triangle is the basis for the inside of the ears. Draw a large oval for the eye.

How to Draw Sonic 9

2. Finish up the painted oval inside the shape of the eye. Draw the left eye.

How to Draw Sonic 10

3. Add three lines to the back of the head, which are needed to make the spikes.

How to Draw Sonic 11

4. Draw additional details on the face and head. Finish up the “mane”.

How to Draw Sonic 12

5. Draw two circles for the chest and abdomen. Add a few circles to the hands and feet.

How to Draw Sonic 13

6. Draw the fingers and gloves!

How to Draw Sonic 14

7. Add the details marked in blue!

How to Draw Sonic 15

8. Erase the additional lines. Sonic the Hedgehog is ready!

How to Draw Sonic 16

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