How to Draw Spider Man

By | November 15, 2016

How to Draw Spider Man

How to Draw Spider Man Step by Step With a Pencil

Step 1. Once we have prepared everything for the drawing, let’s sketch a pose of Spider Man using a stickman – a creature of sticks and circles (small circles represent the joints). Please note that the head of the character in the first stages will seem disproportionately large, the hands and feet – too small. If you understand the posture of Spider Man , everything becomes clear: the head is closest to the viewer, legs are badly bent, arms stretched forward, and the body is significantly rotated around. Here we make perpendicular facial lines (vertical symmetry and eye level).

How to Draw Spider Man 1

Step 2. Now is the time to sketch the body silhouette. Look carefully at how Spider Man is composed. His body much differs from the stereotypical superhero proportions, which look like a mountain of muscles with a large chin. Here we deal with quite a proportionate body, similar to sinewy fighters of martial arts – moderately developed muscles, good relief, nothing redundant in short. In the same step we outline the masked eyes – they should be located in the lower part of the head, to obtain the effect of a body slightly leaned down and eyes looking downward.

How to Draw Spider Man 2

Step 3. The third stage is a snap, here we outline the main parts of the suit, denoting the places to separate the red and blue colors. We also detail the muscles of our Spider Man, by enhancing the relief of superhero sinewy body. Outline the masked eyes by making a characteristic “spider’s” border. To complete the stage remove unnecessary strokes, sketchy lines, and draw the web just threw back by the favorite hero of children all over the world.

How to Draw Spider Man 3

Don’t forget to outline the feet which is an important detail. Outsole is drawn literally as a strip:

How to Draw Spider Man 4

Step 4. This stage is not difficult, nevertheless, poorly performed it can significantly distort the final result. Here we work over the longitudinal lines forming a web on the Spider Man outfit. The web starts at the bridge of the nose to diverge across the head and torso. Keep in mind that these lines are drawn with regard to the curves of the body and muscle relief of the superhero. Duly performed this condition will give a picture volume and realism.

How to Draw Spider Man 5

Step 5. We continue to draw Spider Man. Now it will almost look like Spider Man. Draw the cross lines now, avoid making them straight – what required here is slight curves across the entire surface and symmetrically lowered/raised edges. At this stage, draw an emblem on the chest in the form of a small black spider, as well as enhance the web, behind the hero.

How to Draw Spider Man 6

Step 6. The last step is making shadows. It should be noted that today’s lesson is about drawing a classical Spider Man, and therefore we will use an appropriate shading technique. Firstly, the classic Spider Man is characterized by shading solely the blue parts of the outfit. The Red parts are slightly shadowed by muscles and have a big monolithic shadow of the head. Another classical style technique of the comics artists is using large shadows (as the head shadow above), which are drawn in two phases — first sketching a shadow, followed by enhancing the shadow. A little tip – to master the current shading style, use the softest pencils in your collection. And finally the shadows should be sharp and contrasting, i.e. make them without shading.

How to Draw Spider Man 7

How to Draw Spider Man Step by Step With a Pencil

How to Draw Spider Man 8

1. Draw the contours of the body and head.

How to Draw Spider Man 9

2. Outline the contours of the body.

How to Draw Spider Man 10

3. Remove the previous contours.

How to Draw Spider Man 11

4. Proceed to enhance a picture of Spider Man.

How to Draw Spider Man 12

5. Draw the Spider Man outfit.

How to Draw Spider Man 13

6. Paint the drawing of Spider Man with colored pencils.

How to Draw Spider Man 14
More Schemes for Stepwise Drawing of Spider Man

How to Draw Spider Man 15

How to Draw Spider Man 16

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