How to Draw Spiders

By | November 15, 2016

How To Draw Spiders

For humanity spiders have always been considered enigmatic creatures. These arthropods from antiquity are surrounded by the mystical mysteries and myths. Some admire them, others sometimes have unfathomable horror. No wonder that arachnophobia, that is, the fear of spiders, is considered one of the most common fears. And there is no rational explanation for this disease. However, many people simply adore, admire arthropods and even have them as pets.

For those fans of spiders a lesson on “how to draw a spider” can be useful. We will gradually describe this process in this article.

How to Draw a Spider Step by Step

1. Draw the contours of the body and head

How To Draw Spiders 1

Make two circles of various diameters, connected to each other. First draw a circle for the body of the spider. Next attach thereto one small – spider’s head and, another one slightly larger – for the lower part of the torso, which serves as the body of a spider and a web store.

2. Location of spider’s legs

How To Draw Spiders 2

Mark in pencil the contours of the spider’s legs. Draw these lines from the middle of the circle on one pair of legs. First, the longest, then the shorter ones, then two equal pairs and tarsus near the head. With these little tarsus the spider grabs the prey.

3. Draw the contours of the spider’s legs

How To Draw Spiders 3

The legs of the spider are not thin like those of a mosquito, but powerful enough, so let’s draw them thicker. Duplicate by parallel lines the original contour of legs and connect them by rounded bottom line.

4. Divide the legs into segments

How To Draw Spiders 4

The hind legs of the spider usually have four segments, the remaining have five segments, and only the legs located near the head have three. Dividing lines can be of arbitrary shape, but the previous contour of legs should be adjusted. In junctions of legs contour lines need to be thinner, erasing the previous ones.

5. Paint a picture of a spider in ordinary pencil

How To Draw Spiders 5

Because a spider has a black and white coloring, drawing can be painted in an ordinary pencil. But first draw a hairy surface of the torso and legs, by strokes of an ordinary pencil. In some places of the torso they will be lighter, at the bases of legs-darker. The torso too should be colorful, contrasting. You can copy the coloring from my drawing, and also can come up with your own version.

How to Draw a Spider Pencil

Step 1. Let’s start by drawing a circle for the head of an insect. Next, we will draw the line of symmetry and the eyes line.

How To Draw Spiders 6

Step 2. Now draw to the head of a spider another circle for his body.

How To Draw Spiders 7

Step 3. Depict auxiliary lines for further drawing of the legs and spider’s pedipalps.

How To Draw Spiders 8

Step 4. Now let’s deal with more detailed work. Depict the shape of the head of an insect and his two eyes.

How To Draw Spiders 9

Step 5. In this step, draw the rest of the spider’s eyes and depict the shape of the lower jaw. Then draw the pedipalps, these limbs do not participate in walking, but they are needed to touch and hold.

How To Draw Spiders 10

Step 6. Draw the shape of the torso and depict the smallest hairs on it at the edges. In the lower jaw, draw several horizontal lines to emphasize their form.

How To Draw Spiders 11

Step 7. Depict the contours of the front and upper right segment of the second pair of insect’s legs.

How To Draw Spiders 12

Step 8. Draw another three legs of a spider. In particular the form of the second and right leg of the third pair of legs.

How To Draw Spiders 13

Step 9. In this step we will finish drawing the shape of the legs, depicting three hind legs of a spider.

How To Draw Spiders 14

Step 10. Now change the appearance of insect legs by drawing horizontal lines on his legs to select components. And at the end of this phase draw hairs on spider legs to create hair of an insect.

How To Draw Spiders 15

Step 11. At this stage, the lesson is completed. You can leave the pencil sketch or draw the colors.

How To Draw Spiders 16

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