How to Draw Star Wars

By | November 15, 2016

How to Draw Star Wars

How to Draw Darth Vader from Star Wars

Step 1. Start with the little man of sticks and circles, by which we denote the basic proportions of the character, his posture and position on paper. As we all know from previous lessons of characters with a similar pose and shape (how to draw Batman, for example), the height of a high man equals the lengths of his seven-seven and a half heads, of which 4 are the legs.

Hands at sides reach to about the middle of the distance between the waist and knee (though here they will be slightly higher, because they are a bit bent). Note also that the shoulders of the man should be wider that the pelvis line (in feminine shape, these lines are equal).

How to Draw Star Wars 1

Step 2. Outlined the silhouette, marked in previous step and give it volume. Draw the neck – a short cylinder, on which the head is securely fastened, from it draw two sloping lines to hands. Using the lines from the previous step, outline the hands (from top to bottom) by two cylinders and a square.

The first two of the cylinders are, respectively, the shoulder and forearm, and a square marks the fist. Then mark a trunk by rectangle, the triangular shape is the pubic area and proceed to the legs. Yes, it should be noted that this step is very important and it should be reviewed consistently with the markup from the previous step. Now let’s get down to the legs. Note incidentally that we particularly will not have to draw the limbs, because our character is dressed from head to toe in a suit fitting very spaciously.

The legs can be divided into three parts — the thigh, shin and foot. The thighs smoothly narrow towards the knee, in the tibia area is present a characteristic bend of the gastrocnemius muscle, after which it narrows towards the foot.

How to Draw Star Wars 2

Step 3. Parts of clothes of Lord of the Sith, which cannot be confused with the clothing of the other characters of the epic “Star Wars” – helmet and magnificent mantle. Let’s draw these costume elements directly in this step. Only first mark the face by two lines — the vertical and horizontal.

The vertical one is shifted slightly to the right, by the way, it marks the facial symmetry (in our case, the symmetry of the mask), and horizontal one (eyes line) is slightly bent to make it easier to picture a small tilt of the head. Now the helmet. Draw out the head by a rim as in our sample, (see — it unevenly bends around the head, it’s a bit thicker to the right of us).

And the same story with the edges of the mask, — the right from us is a bit wider than the left. Then the mantle. Mark it by smooth lines, radiating down on the sides to the bottom. Note — on the shoulders it is very tight, but then starts to hang over and spread.

How to Draw Star Wars 3

Step 4. By the way, do you know that Darth Vader costume sketches for the first part of the epic (that is, 4-th episode) were drawn from the armor of the Samurai?

Immediately below the horizontal line, draw a oblong, tapered eye pits, under them outline the two arches, one under each eye pit. Then, at the bottom of the facial oval draw an equilateral triangle, connecting it by straight lines with the eye pits, as in our sample.

How to Draw Star Wars 4

Step 5. Erase from the mask extra guiding lines, draw heavy brow ridges on the helmet, draw a triangle at the bottom of the mouth. Look, its sides are edged, on the tops are placed small circles, and the vertical lines go in the center. Actually, the mask itself is not very complicated, consider it in a close-up and see for yourself.

How to Draw Star Wars 5

And here is how it looks in general:

How to Draw Star Wars 6

Step 6. as you may have noticed, we started to draw our Dark Lord with the head. As we draw we will go down below to the feet, and now work on the mantle. For it not to look “wooden”, artificial, we need to work on it, namely to apply the necessary folds and fabric tops.

Actually the folds are formed when the mantle falls from the shoulders, then they spread and become more frequent towards the end. By the way, it is better to draw them from top to bottom by pressing on the pencil in the beginning and abate the pressure, rising above, to the shoulders.

How to Draw Star Wars 7

Step 7. Set the folds of fabric on the trunk, draw the contours of the chest. Incidentally, Darth Vader’s costume is not only an armor, but also is a complex system of medical devices that support breathing and other vital functions in the maimed body of the Lord of the Siths. An analogy can be drawn with Tony Stark, Iron Man, whose suit also includes breast plate with a complex mechanism that supports vital processes.

How to Draw Star Wars 8

Step 8. Draw the panel, located on the trunk and a large plate, on which the panel is mounted. Consider better all elements in a close-up:

How to Draw Star Wars 9

Under the plate draw a belt with a massive buckle. Also draw the folds of fabric, which are formed because the belt very densely tightens the costume. Then draw a piece of armor that covers his groin. In this step, there will be another close-up – it is necessary to consider the right hand from us. Here we see almost the entire wrist-a thumb is slightly sticking out, and the remaining fingers bend all the stronger as we approach the little finger. So, a close-up:

How to Draw Star Wars 10

And here is how it looks in general:

How to Draw Star Wars 11

Step 9. Now draw the texture of a tight costume on the legs (essentially, just intensely located uneven vertical lines and light strokes horizontally).

Just note that the texture of pants we apply by pressing on the pencil very loosely, but the folds that are located under the groin are marked by clear and visible lines. Actually, it only remains to draw smooth lines on the armor that hides the legs and put a few wrinkles on the boots.

How to Draw Star Wars 12

Draw Kailo Rena from Star Wars

How to Draw Star Wars 13

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