How to Draw the Human Figure

By | November 15, 2016

How to Draw the Human Figure

How to Draw the Figure of a Man Step by Step

Drawing a human is among the most difficult areas in the arts. Apart from being artistically skilled you have to know the anatomy, as well as to be good at defining proportions to draw a figure of a man or a woman.

Step 1. Let’s start with the stickman – a man made of sticks and circles, we draw it to set the basic proportions of the character shape, its figure, pose and position on the paper. Let us remind that it is not the time to press the pencil drawing heavy lines – we are supposed just to outline the posture and basic proportions. All we need is to draw the stickman with a very light touch so we can easily erase it in the following stages . This step is very important, so we urge you to observe the following rules for drawing a person:

  • human height equals the average of the sum of the seven lengths of his head;
  • shoulder width are equal to the sum of the three widths of his head;
  • shoulders are much wider than pelvis (male figure);
  • Arms positioned at the side seams of the body reach down to about the middle of the distance between belt area and knee joint;
    of the seven goals, which constitute the height, legs take about 3.5-4 heads.

How to Draw the Human Figure 1

Step 2. Mark up the head with two mutually perpendicular lines (eye and facial symmetry), outline the body shape. Make sure both lines converge in the middle of the face. Next, add some volume to the body shape. We make this using plain geometric shapes – circles and cylinders. Hands are visually divided into 3 parts – shoulder (1), (2), forearm and wrist. At the top of the shoulder we see the deltoid muscle, it looks like a circle, the rest of the shoulder is shaped like an elongated cylinder. Do not forget to link the deltoids to the neck by sloping lines.

Note that the body is slightly narrowed down by the waist and groin area is triangular in shape. Legs are depictured as elongated cylinders, do not forget that the thigh tapers slightly towards the knee and lower leg has a characteristic bend, formed by the gastrocnemius muscle. Note that this step doesn’t need your diligent work. Just trying to draw it with light and barely visible lines, so that you can easily erase them.

How to Draw the Human Figure 2

Step 3. Mark up the head with several horizontal lines to set the position of hair, eyes, nose and mouth. At approximately the same distance draw two more lines in addition to the previously drawn eye . The upper line is to set eyebrows, it is also defines the upper edge of the ears.

The lower line is setting the nose line and the bottom edge of the ears. One more rule is worth mentioning – the human face can be roughly divided into three equal parts — from the hairline to the eyebrows, from the eyebrows to the nose, from the nose to the chin.

How to Draw the Human Figure 3

Step 4. Outline the contours of the hair (Note: lines are very light) and major facial features. Outline facial features, using the markup from the previous step.

How to Draw the Human Figure 4

Step 5. Eyes is a very important part of the human face. Look at the close-up, which we have prepared for you to draw them as in our sample:

How to Draw the Human Figure 5

Step 6. This is when we are supposed to draw the hair. As we have said in many other drawing lessons, the hair is drawn in from the roots to the tips.

How to Draw the Human Figure 6

Step 7. Drawing a nose and mouth. Put a small shadow over the lower lip. Outline the cheekbones, which are located on each side just above the mouth. Close-up for this step:

How to Draw the Human Figure 7

And here’s how it looks on the general plan:

How to Draw the Human Figure 8

Step 8. This step is made with a very light pressure on the pencil. Make sure the edges of the garment should be smooth and symmetrical, because in the next step we will …

How to Draw the Human Figure 9

Step 9. Frame the lines. Draw the small details, like the lines on the starched shirt collar and small folds on the jacket next to the buttons.

How to Draw the Human Figure 10

Step 10. The upper part of our hero is getting a finished look. So let’s keep working to frame the jacket sleeves slightly jagged at the elbows.

Near the elbows inside the contour we can see several horizontal folds. They are vital for the correct pose as the folds of fabric in these places show us that the hands are bent slightly.

How to Draw the Human Figure 11

Step 11. Let us now work on the trousers and shoes, namely set the vertical arrows, draw horizontal folds in the groin and knee areas (there are some more folds on the right leg in the bottom of the pant leg). Remove all unnecessary lines from the previous steps and work on the shoes.

How to Draw the Human Figure 12

Step 12. The last step is about adding the shadows. Light falls on the young man from our left side, so respectively we are supposed to shadow our right side and the inside of our left sleeve. Shadow itself is essentially a light hatching. Hatch is obtained by making fast and uniform motions, make sure touches are equidistant. To create a dense shade, hatch the area crosswise in some layers.

How to Draw the Human Figure 13

How to Draw the Figure of a Woman

How to Draw the Human Figure 14

To get started let’s make some sketches of human figure in motion. As an example, let’s take three girls differently clad. They wear pants, skirt and dress. If I messed up the name of gear, do not get upset, I’m as strong in it as the as girls in php programming. Well that’s not the subject. The main thing is to see the image of human figures and understand how it is built.

How to Draw the Human Figure Step by Step With a Pencil 15

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