How to Draw Tribal Art

By | November 15, 2016

How to Draw Tribal Art

How to Draw Tribal Art Step by Step

Step 1. An important factor for drawing tats and serious tattoos, even if it’s only a model for the album in the collection, is to learn how to draw shapes, from which you can draw tribal tattoos. They must be drawn in the same style and fit together in the smallest details. You should not draw rounded tips of tribal elements and by all means, avoid any straight lines and simple shapes, experiment with binders and drawings shown in the examples just below:

How to Draw Tribal Art 1

Step 2. Let’s proceed with a picture of a tattoo depicting a tiger. All you should do is to draw a tennis ball in the form of a simple circle and a wavy line, which should become a support for the tiger`s snout.

How to Draw Tribal Art 2

Step 3. Start your tribal pattern, drawing the cat’s eye in a flaky style. Start from the left corner and finish your way, drawing around the shape of the head in the area of the eyebrows and frontal lobes of the tiger.

How to Draw Tribal Art 3

Step 4. Start sketching out the features and lines for nose shape of the tiger, its roaring mouth, and then add some patterns on inner border, as you can see in the given example. Draw wrinkles of the mouth and trace the nose.

How to Draw Tribal Art 4

Step 5. Draw the ears, and then the rest of the open jaws of the enraged cat. The pattern of the hinder part of the head should look suggestive of hair of the beast, to convey its fur.

How to Draw Tribal Art 5

Step 6. Tigers, as all felines, usually have very sharp claws. And to show and remind about this fact even more, draw four sharp shapes of claws for the hinder part of the head.

How to Draw Tribal Art 6

Step 7. All you should do now is to rub off all the unnecessary lines of the first step. And sketch the missing fangs and tongue for the mouth. Trace all the lines and shapes with the help of more thick and clean lines to finish the general picture of the tiger tattoo. Proceed to the small details.

How to Draw Tribal Art 7

Step 8. Add details and shapes of the head to depict the hair and coloring of the tiger.

How to Draw Tribal Art 8

Step 9. If you get stuck with applying of the tribal pattern at the previous step, or even at the beginning of the lesson, practice with easier forms and draw the following shape to your complete confidence and understanding of the process of drawing of the picture. Keep trying until you feel confident enough to complete the actual steps of this lesson!

How to Draw Tribal Art 9

Step 10. Duly appreciate your smart drawing! Now you can show the result to all your friends and report to everyone that you know how to draw a tiger tattoo step by step. Great job! You can opt for the help of this site again to improve your drawing skills at step by step lessons!

How to Draw Tribal Art 10

How to Draw a Tribal Tattoo Howling Wolf in Stages

How to Draw Tribal Art 11

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