How to Draw Tulip

By | November 15, 2016

How to Draw Tulip

A Step by Step Instruction on how to Draw a Tulip

Step 1. You need to draw these three tulips.

How to Draw Tulip 1

Step 2. Take a hard pencil and mark the dark areas of the tulips. Do the same on the stems and leaves.

How to Draw Tulip 2

Step 3. We take a half hard pencil and draw over the marked places once again. Do not forget about the transitions.

How to Draw Tulip 3

Step 4. take the softest pencil and make the colors more vivid.

How to Draw Tulip 4

Step 5. Get to drawing the upper tulip. Draw the stems and leaves the way it’s shown on the picture. Do not forget to sharpen your pencil from time to time. Draw over all the lines with the sharpened pencil and add hatches to the places where dark areas are. Keep an eye on the lines located on the sides of the picture. They should be blurred a bit.

How to Draw Tulip 5

Step 6. Color the last tulip and draw the necessary leaves.

How to Draw Tulip 6

Step 7. Take a piece of wadding or something soft (a cloth, a tissue etc.) and make the body of our tulips blurred. Do not touch the petals. If you manage, you can do the leaves and stems a bit blurred.

How to Draw Tulip 7

Step 8. Take an eraser and touch the edges of the petals with it. Make the upper areas of the petals, leaves and stems brighter. If you think that some places are not dark enough, colour it with the pencil and make it blurred with the help of a tissue. Take your picture in the hand, outstretch it and see if there are any mistakes.

How to Draw Tulip 8

How to Draw a Tulip Step by Step

Step 1. Draw the outline of the tulip. It’s thin and elegant. Outline the form of the bud.

How to Draw Tulip 9

Step 2. Mark the place of the leaves with thin lines. Thy should be wide and big. One should be curved a bit.

Step 3. Draw the thick stem. Make the leaves brighter. Do not hurry up, take your time. Do it carefully and smoothly.

How to Draw Tulip 10

Step 4. Draw the petal, do not change the form of the bud while doing it.

How to Draw Tulip 11

Step 5. Draw the second petal. Behind it, there are some other petals. Draw them as well.

How to Draw Tulip 12

Step 6. Choose the pencils of the right color. Let’s color the flower red. Draw over the outline: bud – red, stem and leaves – green.

How to Draw Tulip 13

Step 7. Hatch the all the picture equally with the pencil of the necessary color. Do not press too much on it. The color should be even and quite light. Try to hatch along the outline.

How to Draw Tulip 14

Step 8. make the color of the petal brighter and more vivid.

How to Draw Tulip 15

Step 9. Add colors to the bud. Make the stem darker, the leaf that’s inside is also dark. Add the shadow.

How to Draw Tulip 16

Step 10. Make the leaves outside a bit brighter. However, they shouldn’t be brighter than the shadow inside.

How to Draw Tulip 17

The final step, step 11. Add shadows to the picture so that it looks more volumetric and natural.

How to Draw Tulip 18

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