How to Draw Tweety Bird

By | November 15, 2016

How to Draw Tweety Bird

How to Draw Tweety Bird Step by Step

Step 1. First outline a shape of the head, and then draw a longitudinal line to set the facial symmetry. As you can see, the head is composed by a pair of shapes. The larger upper shade looks like a slightly flattened circle. The lower the figure, smaller size, is similar to a flat cylinder. Well, as you can see, the facial symmetry line passes through the both shapes and significantly deviated to our left.

How to Draw Tweety Bird 1

Step 2. Now draw the body and upper limbs. The animated disproportionate little body is connected with a large massive head by a thin slightly inclined neck. The hands are attached to uppermost point of the body, we cannot see the beginning of the left hand because of Tweety’s body position.

How to Draw Tweety Bird 2

Step 3. Tweety’s legs are very powerful and large (in contrast with very small upper limbs, if such birds actually exist). But drawing them is very simple — they are just rounded shapes, you can draw each without lifting the pencil from the paper. In this step we sketch the tail.

How to Draw Tweety Bird 3

Step 4. Our drawing lesson has a well-known algorithm, the first thing we are supposed to enhance is the character’s muzzle. Today’s lesson is no exception — we have created Tweety’s silhouette, now it’s time to outline the eyes. Now draw the contours of the beak. Important – use the guide line from the first step.

How to Draw Tweety Bird 4

Step 5. Add small details — pupils, very long eye lashes, outline the contours of the rounded cheeks.

How to Draw Tweety Bird 5

How to Draw Tweety Bird Step by Step

Step 1. Draw a large circle as the Tweety’s head and add a front auxiliary line at the bottom.

How to Draw Tweety Bird 6

Step 2. Using this shape, draw the real Tweety’s head. Pay attention – the big domed Tweety’s head, is combined with a very small funny face in its lower part. Draw the cheeks following the example and proceed to the next step.

How to Draw Tweety Bird 7

Step 3. Here we draw sad Casper. Draw as shown the oval shapes as the Tweety’s eyes with pupils and the beak.

How to Draw Tweety Bird 8

Step 4. Tweety drawing lesson is on final straight. Add the lower part to the small beak, thin neck and some dashes to the pupils of the eye. Complete the eyelashes. Highlight the surprised and joyous face by drawing forehead wrinkles and small hairs-future feathers. Remove unnecessary lines.

How to Draw Tweety Bird 9

Step 5. Try to paint the chicken in an agreeable yellow color, with an orange beak and blue eyes.

How to Draw Tweety Bird 10

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