How to Draw Whale

By | November 15, 2016

How to Draw Whale Step by Step

How To Draw Whale Step by Step

Cetaceans are easily confused with the fishes (especially they look like a family of sharks), and therefore their structure is often misunderstood. We will have to take a closer look at the anatomy of such large and intelligent marine mammals-and learn to distinguish them from fish once and for all!

Blue Whale

How to Draw Whale

The blue whale is the largest animal ever to inhabit the Earth (bigger than any dinosaur). How nice that it’s only peaceful plankton eater.

  • The head is long, flat jaws. There are two holes on a special crest on the head.
  • Dorsal fin is small and is located in the back of the body.
  • Strips under the throat-abdominal folds, they are stretched when the animal is drinking.
  • The body is elongated, much more than the aforementioned species.

Orca (Killer-Whale)

How to Draw Whale 1

These magnificent animals are very intelligent and have their own culture, which they pass from generation to generation. Think about it, when you see a range of tricks, known to orcas, in the oceanarium.

  • The head is rounded, the upper and the lower part is painted in a different colors.
  • Dorsal fin is large and long.
  • Fins are large and rounded.
  • The body has a distinctive black and white pattern.

A Simple Exercise

Let’s draw a mother killer-whale and her shorthead.

Step 1 Start with a simple sketch. Nothing to detail, simply find the right pose.

How to Draw Whale 2

Step 2 Use the simplified scheme of the killer- whale’s body to create the correct structure. Remember: If you have hard time drawing something, it doesn’t mean that you cannot draw it at all. Use the tips in this article to place the animal body in space most exactly.

How to Draw Whale 3

How to Draw Whale 5

Step 3 Using the simplest forms create an outline.

How to Draw Whale 5

Step 4, Apply the pattern.

How to Draw Whale 6

Step 5 On the basis of the sketch create a clean outline (line-art).

How to Draw Whale 7

Step 6 Fill the picture in color at your discretion.

How to Draw Whale 8

Here are some more training schemes to help you learn to draw whales.

How to Draw Whale 9

How to Draw Whale 10

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