How to Draw Wild Animals

By | November 15, 2016

How to Draw Wild Animals

How to Draw Wild Animals Step by Step

Artists that depict animals are called animalist (from the Latin word animal). Drawing animals it’s necessary to determine what parts creates the animal’s body and check their shape.

1. Let’s take a look at the picture of an elephant. How does its trunk work? What about legs, ears? What size is it? What color will we paint the elephant? What colors should we mix to get grey?

How to Draw Wild Animals 1

2. Take a look at the hippo’s body: what parts make it? What shape are hippo’s feet? What is the largest part of the hippo’s body?

How to Draw Wild Animals 2

3. We have to draw a lion. He is long and thick hair on the head, it is called a mane. Thanks to it, the lion looks so huge. The lionesses have no mane.

How to Draw Wild Animals 3

4. Let’s draw a giraffe. Note that it has a long neck and a small head with horns. The giraffe’s legs are very long, they end with hooves.

How to Draw Wild Animals 4

5. Learn how to draw a snake is very easy. A snake has a thin, elongated body, which is drawn in wavy lines. It has a small head that narrows close to the end and looks like a triangle.

How to Draw Wild Animals 5

6. Have a careful look at the picture. What is the squirrel’s head shape? It has a long, wide, curled tail raised high over her back. It has sharp ears with tufts at the tips. The paws are different length: the rear paws are long and the front ones are short.

How to Draw Wild Animals 6

7. Let’s draw a hare step by step. How many paws does a hare have? What paws are longer: front or rear ones? What color will we draw a hare in summer and in winter?

How to Draw Wild Animals 7

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