How to Draw Zentangle Patterns

By | November 15, 2016

How to Draw Zentangle Patterns

How to Draw Zentangle Patterns Step by Step

Zentangle is among the most unique trends in fine arts. This is a drawing, divided into parts, consisting of repetitive patterns. Zentangle has clear parameters, it’s created on a white square sheet three and a half inches in width. Zentangle drawing is to be performed strictly in black ink.

The creators of the Zentangle Method are Maria Thomas and Rick Roberts. They discovered this way of abstract painting as being soothing and pleasurable. In addition, Zentangle is easy to master.


Officially there are over a hundred types of Zentangle patterns. To master the style you may use Zentangle video tutorials, books and drawing sets that are available for everyone.

To become a true Zentangle master, one does not necessarily have an artistic background. This style does not provide for specific technologies, materials or knowledge. All you need to know is the style basics.

There are a number of rules and peculiarities specific to this type of drawing:

  • Black on white. Zentangle picture is typically performed in black ink on a white sheet of paper.
  • Geometry – first and foremost. The sheet should be divided into small squares to be filled with patterns. Each pattern is what they call Zentangle.
  • Inspiration is one of the three pillars Zentangle rests upon. Draw in the Zentangle style using your moments of inspiration, with no preparation, even when you have no spare time. Making a picture takes no much time.

In addition, several principles of philosophy are used to create a Zentangle pattern:

  • Impulsivity. The picture which is about to emerge on paper has no definite goal. The pattern manifests itself as you draw.
  • Slowness and surprise. All touches are a part of the picture, even those you find unsuccessful. In difference to usual drawings the lines should remain non erased to serve as the basis for other patterns.
  • Conviviality. Drawing in this style should deliver a sense of healing and freedom. This is a way to rejoice in the beauty of life.
  • Timelessness. Zentangle is beyond any time limits.

Zentangle Patterns for Beginners

How to Draw Zentangle Patterns 1

How to Draw Zentangle Patterns 2

How to Draw Zentangle Patterns 3

How to Draw Zentangle Patterns 4

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