How to Drawing Cars

By | November 15, 2016

How to Drawing Cars

How to Draw a Sport Car Step by Step

Step 1. The first step is quite simple. All you need to do is make an elongated shape for the future car. It should look like an oblong box. It may even resemble a guitar or violin. Try to repeat it exactly as shown in Figure 1.

How to Drawing Cars 1

Step 2. We will use this form to gradually add details and perspectives the real hull of the car. It is best to start with the roof, and then lower down to draw the wheels and the back. Since the car has rounded shapes try not to use a ruler or else auxiliary tools. The things are done much easier compared to drawing a helicopter. But if you want, you can use a ruler to draw the car windows, to get them rounded later by hand.

How to Drawing Cars 2

Step 3. Start drawing the glass. First the windshield, later the passenger side window. You may place a Barbie girl or a celebrity like Debby Ryan. Next draw the headlights.

How to Drawing Cars 3

Step 4. We can see the car from one side only, therefore, draw only one door and the doorsteps. Add frames to the windows. Don’t forget a handle and keyhole.

How to Drawing Cars 4

Step 5. Proceed to the hood. Draw two lines on the hood and a grille below. Mark the spoiler and bumper.

How to Drawing Cars 5

Step 6. It’s almost ready. The only thing left to draw is the wheels. Please note that the wheels are not round! Under the car weight, they look a bit flat at the bottom. They are more realistic now. Well, the tires are not perfectly round as well.

How to Drawing Cars 6

Step 7. And finally, we carefully outline the wheel rims. Try to repeat as in the figure, of course you can draw a version on your own, they can differ in types and shapes to suit every taste and color.

How to Drawing Cars 7

Step 8. Remove unneeded lines by an eraser and outline the contours. That’s what you should get in the end:

How to Drawing Cars 8

A Few More Tutorials on how to Draw Cars with Pencil

How to Drawing Cars 9

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