My Little Pony how to Draw

By | November 15, 2016

My Little Pony how to Draw

The characters of My Little Pony are incredibly cute little ones who are well-known to everyone due to the popular animations. You can depict charming ponies right now using our tips. Follow the algorithm, neatly draw the main lines, and then rub off all excessive ones.

How to Draw My Little Pony in Stages

1. Draw a large oval. It should be approximately centered, but a little closer to the left side of the picture. This oval will be the basis of the pony`s face.

My Little Pony how to Draw 1

2. Now mark the body line.

3. Do the outline of the pony`s face. She has a small nose; her face is turned to us in profile. Her little ears are visible.

My Little Pony how to Draw 2

Outline the face, ear and body silhouette.

My Little Pony how to Draw 3

4. Now, draw the legs. Front legs of your pony are straight, they are right under the head of the little horse. It is possible to make both legs visible. One of them is ahead, therefore, it can be entirely seen. It’s just a long oval, the upper part of which will be rub off by you afterwards. The second leg is visible from behind the first one. It is enough to draw a straight vertical line from the breast of your pony, and finish the drawing already at the bottom by a hoof.

My Little Pony how to Draw 4

5. The hind legs of the pony should also be drawn. The little pony sits sideways, therefore, it is possible to draw only one leg, which is in front. Another leg is not visible. Remember, that the hind legs of the pony are bent because she sits.

6. Take care of the pony`s hairstyle. Draw a splendid mane. Arrange her hair in a wedge on the head. Take a good look at the way the mane is shown in the picture and do the same.

My Little Pony how to Draw 5

At the left, the mane is a bit shorter and ends with a lively curl.

My Little Pony how to Draw 6

On the right side, the mane remains behind towards the viewer, but it is still clearly visible.

My Little Pony how to Draw 7

7. Draw parallel lines-hairs to make it clear that this is the hairstyle of your baby-pony.

My Little Pony how to Draw 8

8. Now, add more details of the pony`s face. Mark the horse’s mouth with the help of a small line. She smiles a little. One eye is entirely visible. It is closed, so it is better to draw it using a curved line with long lashes. The other eye is hidden by the pony`s face, but it can be seen due to its gorgeous eyelashes. Don’t forget about the little upturned eyebrows of the pony and two points, indicating little nose.

9. Lush ponytail twists up. Rub off all unrequired lines.

My Little Pony how to Draw 9

10. Add any details: decorate the hair and tail with the help of strokes. Insert corrections, draw some lines again if necessary.

How to Draw My Little Pony With a Pencil

My Little Pony how to Draw 10

1. First, it is necessary to draw the principle lines of the pony`s face and body. To do this, it is required to draw a large oval elongated horizontally and a circle over it. The circle should be closer to the left side of your picture.

My Little Pony how to Draw 11

2. Start to outline accurately the shape of the head. Note: make the pony`s nose slightly coming forward; then make a line down to the neck of the pony. The vertical rounded line goes from the line of the nose. It will be the basis for the eyes of the little horse. The ear of the pony can be drawn immediately. Only one ear is visible, because the other is hidden by the magnificent mane of Rainbow.

My Little Pony how to Draw 12

3. Now, there is the weirdest thing! It is necessary to draw big pony eyes. One eye is fully visible, it is slightly covered by an eyelid. The pupil, glimpses of light on it, small eyelashes at the side are also visible. Use the ordinary pencil and then color the eyes. The second eye is partially visible, because the little horse has just slightly turned her head. Look closely how the eyes are depicted on the picture, and do the same.

My Little Pony how to Draw 13

4. Now it is necessary to trace the little nose and the small smiling mouth of the pony.

5. Now depict the magnificent mane of the pony Rainbow. It comes down on the forehead in light curls and falls behind on the back of the little horse.

My Little Pony how to Draw 14

6. Start to draw the legs and neck of the pony. The neck is marked ahead by only one line. It is closed by the mane behind. The forelegs can be shown in motion. One leg will stand straight and the other, which is in the background, will bend a little. Hence, the horse is dancing!

My Little Pony how to Draw 15

7. Draw the back and hind legs of the pony. It is better if the hind legs will be slightly bent. Thus, the pony looks more natural.

8. Rainbow`s wings are really gorgeous! Draw them carefully. The front wing is entirely visible, the back wing is shows from behind it. Take a look at exactly how the wings are depicted on the picture.

My Little Pony how to Draw 16

9. It’s time to draw a lush tail. Don`t forget that it should be colored. You can mark curls beforehand.

My Little Pony how to Draw 17

10. Remember about the emblem on the hip of Dash.

My Little Pony how to Draw 18

It is a little rainbow, which comes out from behind a cloud!

My Little Pony how to Draw 19

That`s it! The pony Rainbow is ready. There is just Dash to be ornamented.

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